Today, we want to introduce you to Mariot and his Army of Awesome. If you want to help, give them a hand!


My name is Mariot Tsitoara, I am 22 and a Firefox Student Ambassador. I am studying software engineering – 5th year – at Ecole Nationale d’Informatique in Madagascar. Lately, I took part in KLIF launch in Madagascar by visiting schools to talk about FirefoxOS and Mozilla. I am also an app developer for FirefoxOS and a member of the Army of Awesome.

You want to know more? Contact him on Twitter:

What is Army of Awesome?
It is a way to reach Firefox users on social media and guide them to the right places on the Mozilla support platform. Basically, we are responding to users’ questions on Twitter – then we guide them towards SUMO or Mozilla support page. As there already are predefined answers, it is easier.

How to participate?
1. Sign up as a volunteer here
2. Go to
3. Log on to your Twitter account
4. Answer users who are asking for assistance :)

How to be efficient?
1. Focus on people who need help or have questions
2. Customize each answer, make sure each tweet is unique
3. Delete tweets that are not related to Firefox or that do not need an answer
4. Follow up the answers. The user might still need some help.

A tweet can brighten up a day, so don’t hesitate to join our Army of Awesome!

Mozilla Assistance

Mozilla assistance is a community of enthusiastic volunteers and employees trying to help our users around the globe. Used by more than 400 million people, Mozilla assistance is completely produced by volunteers, which is more important than ever. You can also take part in this project ! Help millions of users to get the most of their favourite browser. Done from your coach your contributions will reach them all over the world.




Mozilla is a worldwide community of technophile thinkers and creators. We are working together to retain an intact and accessible to all Internet that everyone can fully use and enrich. We believe than working hand-in-hand on an open platform is fundamental both for personal development and the common good.
Discover the values that are guiding us towards innovation and opening here.

Firefox Student Ambassador

The Firefox Student Ambassadors are students passionate about Mozilla, its products, a free web, and the various Mozilla advantages such as Firefox OS.
Creative and ingenious, FSA led campaigns and projects within their campus and communities to encourage their peers to contribute to Mozilla mission and to use their products.
Moreover, FSA are web educators trying to keep web control between users’ hands all over the world.
Here is FSAs wiki and their website.


Most of the tweets do no ask questions but are making comments:

Answer: Firefox sometimes use more memory than it should. Try one of these solutions. #fxhelp

– Firefox is crashing
Answer: Sorry that your Firefox is crashing L Here are some solutions so that it won’t happen. #fxhelp

– My Firefox is too slow
Answer: You can increase Firefox speed. Try one of these procedures #fxhelp

– Firefox is slow to start
Answer: Firefox needs a refresh. Here are some tips for a faster loading #fxhelp


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Written by Zoe Parkinson