In December 2015, FSA Abour Academy Club held an Event called “#FSA_Abour_Academy_Club_Launch”.
It was a great event that attracted a lot of students and people to Mozilla.
Are you ready to know more about this event ;)? Let’s go!

Mozilla Africa - FSA Event Egypt

First of all, the club members, made up of the Logistics and Social Media team, made a plan for the event in Abour Academy.
Firefox Student Club held a “welcome party ” that left a very good impression to all the students and aimed to encourage them to spread the word about the event. There were a large number of students who wanted to join and their recruitment reached more than 100 applications!

But what about the event programme? Well, there were various sessions that were very fantastic and helpful for the attendees, find out about eahch one below!

Mozilla Africa - FSA Event Egypt 2

Session 1 – By Mark Ayad:
This served as an introduction to what Mozilla is all about, detailing the Mozilla programmes for students and graduates and giving more scope to the idea that Mozilla is not simply just a browser .

Mozilla Africa - FSA event Egypt 3

Session 2 – By Mark Ayad:
This was an introduction to the Web and how to create a web page or even a full website,  focusing on the power of the HTML & CSS.

Mozilla Africa - FSA Event Egypt 4

Session 3 – By Mohamed Hafez:
Mohamed showed us the Klif device which operated with Firefox OS and showed its specifications, giving an insight to the most popular discussions customers face when buying a new smartphone. He also gave the audience the chance to try the device and explore its features.

Mozilla Africa - FSA event Egypt 5

Session 4 – By Ahmed Magdy:
Students were introduced by Ahmed to middle-ware, to what it means, the various types and how it’s used in the technology field.

Mozilla Africa - FSA Event Egypt 6

Finally, we took a family picture as a souvenir of this great event.

Mozilla Egypt - Family Pic

By the end of the event, our attendees seemed very happy and thankful to Mozilla, Mozilla’s Egyptian Team and FSA at Abour Academy, and of course we were happy to have them.

Stay tuned for more to come!

Author: Mark Ayad
Mozilla Rep – Egypt & Web Developer

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