App Challenge 1
After a lot of excitement and hard training in the three biggest cities in Egypt, the Egyptian IT community and Developers were challenged to make apps for Firefox OS and share it on the Marketplace. 5 teams won a free KLIF device, which is sponsored by our operator Mobinil. How about that!

So, let’s get to know these winning apps a bit better…

Stuck on where to go out and about in your city? “N5rog-Feen” is an app which helps you to know which hotspots to hit in your city (only available in Cairo for now). Through “N5rog-Feen” you can add a place that you like the sound of and you can get to know more about your added place. Also, there’s no need to register or add any personal details when getting to know more about these places! Stay tuned for the upcoming version that will include users’ profiles, a list of favourite places, ratings, photos and the chance to share your favourite places with your friends. The apps’ categories are in entertainment and lifestyle and it’s compatible with Firefox OS and Android Mobile. If you’re intrigued to know more about this app, you can review it here.

App Challenge 2

“Youm7 News” gives you easy access for reading all news articles in various sections of Youm7 newspaper and website, from Egypt on your Firefox OS device. Find this app in the Social category, and download this app to stay informed with the latest, incoming news. It’s a great app that is compatible with Firefox OS – and if you want to know more, review it here.

App Challenge 3

“Al-Moazin prayer times” is a must-have app for all Muslims. With Al-Moazin, you will not miss Salat again even if you’re travelling across the world. The app’s categories are in Education and Lifestyle, and it’s compatible with Firefox OS. Explore all you need to know about this app here.

App Challenge 4

“Cairo Metro” is your tip-top guide to Egyptian subways. It tells you the quickest way of getting from A to B. Another feature the app has, is that it can locate the nearest station to your current location. The app’s categories are in Maps, Navigation and Travel – and yes, it’s also compatible with Desktop, Firefox OS, Android Mobile and Android Tablet. If you like this app, you can review it now here!

App Challenge 5

“Blops Escape” is a skill game that puts your timing and multitasking ability to the test. The goal of the game is pretty straightforward – your mission is to try to reach the next level by reaching the board. It’s not as easy as it sounds though! You’re not allowed to move, thus you have to make use of the various items around you – hard right?! Find this app under the category Games, and use it on your Desktop, Firefox OS, Android Mobile and Android Tablet.  If you’re wanting to know more about this challenging game, read more about it here.

App Challenge 6


We hope this article has made you curious about the new apps on the scene on Firefox OS! The Firefox OS Apps Challenge, certainly had some worthy winners! Stay tuned for our upcoming events! And don’t forget, Firefox is with you every step of the way – all you need is the Firefox OS. It will change the future of smartphones!


Written by Mohammed EL-barbeer.

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Written by Firefox Admin