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Since the announcement of Firefox OS (Firefox Operating System) launched by Mozilla, members of the community worldwide have leapt at the chance to use their creativity to promote the OS. Thanks to their passion for Mozilla and endeavour towards innovation and the ecosystem, many have investigated the different levels for a better understanding of the OS and to spot opportunities to make it accessible to everyone.

In addition to books, university student clubs around the OS (Operating System) have created several events that drive the development of dedicated Web applications. All these details are available on our new website: as well as on our blog

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Med Mack

Introducing, Mozillian Mack, a sharp graphic designer and passionate web-journalist, from the Mozilla-Tunisia community ( He’s just started a project using IT and Firefox OS called – “Firefox OS Betounsi”

Everything started with the “Freeways FirefoxOS Team”, which consisted of video recordings of a small group of students during their time in the Freeways university club. The team worked hard to understand the functionalities of Firefox OS and create web apps, which will be hosted on the Mozilla Marketplace. This has resulted in the extension of this project on a larger scale.

The project “FirefoxOS betounsi” which means “Firefox OS à la Tunisienne” was born. It is about a series of video tutorials and these series have been recorded in the local tunisian language with the objective of introducing Firefox OS and its development possibilities to Tunisian developers. This will be done through the use a simple learning methodologies, which will give each and everyone, the chance to develop their apps!

Onwards and upwards Tunisia!

Episode 0:

Firefox OS Betounsi - episode 0

Firefox OS Betounsi – episode 0

Mack made a screencast presentation of the series of videos. Everything was shown from the creation of the application “Hello Firefox OS World!” down to the final stage, which is the publishing of the application on the Mozilla Marketplace. It was also followed by demos and device testing under Firefox OS. His objective was mainly  to analyse and keep the OS development open, therefore making it accessible in the local language to all developers.

The Mozilla Tunisia YouTube channel has been selected to publish these videos. A media coverage plan and sharing approach has been established by the local team to make this initiative known on social networks. Mack was connected everyday on the IRC channel of the Mozilla Tunisia Community to reply to queries from developers. These first episodes were really successful among the Tunisians and we hope Mack will continue in his quest.

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Written by Melek Jebnoun