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Hi Firefox OS community!

We’ve been super busy. KLIF launch after launch after launch (the latest coming from Team Tunisia!). It’s an exciting time, so here’s a little bite-sized recap of all the stories we’ve spotted over the past few weeks that you might have missed.


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Cool super hero posters made for Mozilla:

"Mozilla Heroes" by Sam Spratt

From his fine-art portraiture to his classical treatments of Web and pop culture, Sam Spratt is deeply integrated into the heart of the Internet. Tens of thousands of people follow Sam’s social media, and his work is seen and shared by millions. His technique translates classical oil-painting and Baroque methods across to the digital world. Sam was glad to commemorate the launch of the Mozilla store and the broader Mozilla mission to save the Web — with this limited edition work of art.

For more information, click here.

Firefox OS unlocks the language barrier for all generations:

Nizibaba, a chinese dad living in China, was ashamed because he couldn’t read the English texts his daughter gave him. He used Firefox OS and the text reader to help his daughter with that problem. He states “I was proud of myself, thanks to Firefox, I became a super dad… Firefox’s help, not only helped my daughter to learn English well, but it also helped thousands of children who need help with Mom and Dad”. A great inspiring story. For more info, click here 

Firefox meets up with famous blogger Edith Brou:

Edith Brou & Dees

Desigan Chinniah, an enthusiastic, sociable, self-motivated and highly experienced Mozillian, Head of Global Mobile Partnerships at Firefox OS is currently working with the Firefox OS Marketplace, creating partnerships with local companies and their valuable applications.

Edith Brou, a trendy blogger from Cote d’Ivoire, ranked in TOP’s 50 Côte d’Ivoire influencers met with ‘Dees’ (that’s what we call him ;p). Things were pretty exciting and she even tweeted “A revolution’s comin’ in mobile market with !”

We’ll be hearing more from Edith Brou soon!

Firefox on TV:

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! This is what Firefox OS looks like on TVs. Here is a closer look at the Panasonic Firefox OS collaboration and how cool it looks on screen. More info here

Tunisia Power:

We saw the launch of KLIF in Tunisia on the 16th May and the team proudly showed off their new purchases. A big congratulations to our Moz reps in Tunisia!


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Written by Zoe Parkinson