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We came across several tech projects this week that we wanted to share with you! We are happy to see so many talented people trying to bring novelty to our continent! Discover them here.
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 ‘At Mozilla, we think journalism and open-source tools make a great match’.

The goal of our OpenNews project is to strengthen and expand the community around open source code in journalism. We want to build tools and programs to support the global community of journalists and coders. Therefore, every year we organize a Knight-Mozilla Fellowship. Our fellows spend 10 months working with well-known news organisations (such Center for Investigative Reporting, the Guardian, La Nacion, NPR, the New York Times, Vox Media, and the Washington Post) and travelling around the world to learn and collaborate with our partners. Learn more about that project here.


This project is launched by TechOfAfrica.com, a web platform created mid-2013 to introduce African tech actors. During 3 months, 6 young Africans will travel across 7 French-speaking African countries to meet tech-entrepreneurs. The project, if it manages to get enough funding, will end up to a 1hour documentary. Learn more about the project here.

Kwiizi Box
This week we came across an amazing tool – Kwiizi Box! It’s a box containing a complete media-centre, which gives access to educative content including 7 million articles, videos of TED talks and a specialized medical database, for free and without an internet connection.  To make this project come true, they need you! Find out how you can help !



Matibabu – Malaria Diagnosis app
Last weekend, our Mozilla Festival East Africa took place in Kampala. This 3 day makers party brought together educators, innovators and more, from East Africa (and beyond), to share their experiences and create a foundation for growth of the internet and information of technology in Africa. This year the event was a great success and ended with an amazing new: Our chief guest, Yoweri Museveni, announced the funding of Matibabu, a revolutionary Malaria diagnosis app.


Launch of 2 MOOC
This Monday, 2 MOOC have been launched for French-speaking Africa! One is targeting journalists or bloggers willing to acquire or improve their web knowledge and the other one targeting developers. The good news is that these mocc are free and will last 12 weeks! Don’t miss them!

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