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This week we have a lot to tell you – from our meet up in Paris, to platforms empowering women in Senegal and interviews of our Mozillians in Mauritius. Let’s take a look at the highlights!

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Interview: Mozillians in Mauritius
Ganesh and his wife Pamela really are the pillars of Mozilla community in Mauritius. Motivated, smiling and generous, they travelled across Mauritius to promote the KLIF and share Mozilla values. Take a peek at the first part of Ganesh’s interview for Mozilla France.

Ganest & Pamela

Firefox OS Africa meetup in Paris
We had a great weekend where Mozillians from all over Africa gathered in Mozilla’s office in Paris to discuss the future of Africa’s web. It was a hugely successful workshop which was full of ideas. It was a great chance to meet amazing people, all motivated and willing to make a change in our continent!

Meet up Paris

Sooretul, the platform created by Senegalese women
Did you know Sooretul means ‘not too far’ in wolof?  This project launched in 2014 by Senegalese women aims to provide an online space where women can sell their local products. This platform is looking to highlight traditional occupations and Sooretul encourages local production and consumerism, while allowing women to be included in the market: a great initiative that will be available on Firefox OS mobile soon! Learn more here.

True Africa
This week we also came across Claude Grunitzky’s new project called ‘True Africa”. Co-founder of the music channel TraceTV, Claude believes that technology is a forward-looking sector for Africa. The goal of his new project is to promote creativity and digital innovation on the continent, and should be released in September 2015. Stay tuned!

Mozilla Festival 2015
Let’s end this promising round-up on some more great news: our Mozilla Festival 2015 will take place on from the 6th to the 8th of November 2015 in London! Why not join us?

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Written by Tina Meziant