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This week we celebrate music, so obviously this roundup will be quite musical! Our continent is definitely the continent of music – with a lot of music genres finding their roots in Africa and the crazy amount of African talent out there. It’s time to celebrate all this in our round up!
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Analog Africa
Ten years ago, Samy Ben Redjeb, who is Tunisian-German, created Analog Africa, a label re-issuing African music of the 60s and 70s. Largely forgotten on the continent, this period is nonetheless the ‘golden age’ of African music and interests more and more westerners. What makes Analog Africa different from the other labels? Samy is also telling stories. He is not only re-issuing old music but also sharing the artists’ biographies, and the extraordinary tales that come with their histories.

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yodj_logo-feature-a82d4e98YoDJ, the Jukebox app
This week we discovered a great app, YoDJ. Have you heard about it? Two years ago, the South-African startup Urbian launched a mobile jukebox app, and it developed into what YoDJ is today! So how does it work? Users download the app which allow them to make their song selection public to other users, who can then select their favourite from the selection. SME Africa met the co-founder of Urbian, which ended up being a very inspiring interview.

“Everyone wants to be an overnight success but it takes a lot of failing forward”

African artists revolutionising African music
Good news! The African indie pop scene is changing. Discover 3 great African artists here who are creating change! Listen with us to the music of Ina Modja from Mali, who decided to sing in her mother tongue after her grandmother told her she didn’t understand a word of what she was saying; Petite Noire reinventing the ‘new wave’ with African vibes called ‘Noirwave’; and Pierre Kwenders, who has been singing about Africa’s history before the colonisation in Lingala, English, French and Ciluba.

South African National Woman’s Day
Last Sunday, it was National Woman’s Day in South Africa! For this occasion, IT news Africa highlighted some of the leading African women in tech. From Ethel Cofie, the founder of Women in Tech Africa, to Yasmin Belo-Osagie and Afua Osei, co-founders of She leads Africa, discover the work of some great African women who succeed in this ‘male’ sector!

Interview Ganesh: part 2maurice_2_4_400x300
Last week we shared the first part of Ganesh’s interview, our great Mozillian from Mauritius…. We won’t make you wait any longer; here’s the second one!

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