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This week we came across several great events that will take place in the following weeks and we’re sharing all of them with you, not forgetting of course the great challenge organized by our Mozillians in Egypt! Discover everything with us here.

Oh, and if you’d like to be part of our ‘round up’ crew, tweet us with your highlight to @FirefoxOSAfrica and use #FirefoxOSFive – or drop us an email!

App Challenge in Egypt
We are so happy to see our Mozillians in Egypt so motivated and spreading their knowledge and Mozilla values across the country. The team is organising a Firefox OS Apps Challenge that will enable participants to win a KLIF! Want to know how it works? Get registering here.
And not only that – our Mozillians will stop in Cairo, Alexandria and Mansoura where they will organise Offline training. Interested? Don’t forget to register! For those who can’t attend, no worries: two online sessions will be organised from 8pm to 10 pm at the end of the week.


Women in Tech Kenya
Great news: Women in Tech Africa is launching in Nairobi, Kenya! For those who don’t know Women in Tech Africa is, it’s a Pan-African Network of Women in Technology, who organise regular activities in order to provide effective support to females working with tech across the African continent. The launch will take place on the 10th of September: don’t forget to book your tickets here.


Digital ChangeMaker

tigoHere’s some more good news! Tigo Rwanda and Reach for Change announced the extension of their ‘Digital Changemakers’ competition. This competition aims at encouraging social entrepreneurs to use technology to solve some of Rwanda’s most pressing social needs. So be quick, there’s only one day left to subscribe!

New African tech-hubs
Our continent is home of some of the best tech hubs in the world, with Kenya and South Africa being the leaders. But they are not the only countries. Following suit, Mauritius, Ghana and Rwanda are the next countries to keep an eye on. For instance, did you know that Mauritius was the first country in Africa to launch cellular system in 1989? Learn more about the new African tech hubs here.

We hoped you didn’t miss the signing session and photoshoot with Agrad & Skaiz and Marion organised by Orange in Ampasamadinika! Share you pictures with us!

Tu vois bien, que c’est pour de vrai :)Tu as de la chance, Agrad & Skaiz et Marion seront encore là cet après-midi…

Posted by Orange on Thursday, 27 August 2015


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