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Here we are again! This week we have some great news for Senegalese start-ups, a hackathon organized for women and solar classrooms in Kenya – and not forgetting, of course, the launch of African Netflix! Discover more with us!
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Women in Tech
Our women in tech are taking the lead and we love it! This week we came across an article by Forbes listing 6 emerging female entrepreneurs to watch in Africa: discover the inspiring careers of these amazing women here!
cortexAnother good news for women in tech is that, Cortex, a South Africa-based incubator, will host a 72-hour hackathon for female software developers from 25 to 27 August, 2015. Registrations closed yesterday, but the event is definitely worth a mention!

“The hackathon is about assembling women software developers or hackers from South Africa and other African countries to unite in solving humanity’s problems specifically problems affecting women through technology” – Cortex.

‘Solar classrooms in a box’
So, what is it? This is a project aiming to bring energy-independent educational opportunities to students for whom access to computer-equipped, internet-ready schools might otherwise be limited. After Uganda, it’s now Kenya’s turn to receive these classrooms in a box, which are produced by Aleutia. Indeed, they will be shipped to all 47 counties in Kenya servicing 20,000 children – what great news!

African Netflix
This week we discovered Afrostream, dubbed the “African Netflix”. This project will be launched the 1st of September and will only feature African and African-American content. CEO and co-founder Tonjé Bakang says that  “there are a lot of successful athletes and artists, but it’s hard to find African and African-American movies” – and with 72,000 Facebook fans already, they have a huge audience waiting to get involved! Stay tuned for more info!

Startup in Senegal
We’ve got more good news for Senegalese start-ups: Teranga Capital raised 3 billion CFA to support entrepreneurs! This foresees the creation of new start-ups, but also give growth to the long-standing players on the tech scene. Get ready for a new wave of start-up in Senegal!

KLIF  Madagascar
KLIF have been honoured during a street dance event in Tana, Madagascar! Full of energy, fun and celebration, it’s great to give tech the heads up it deserves, together with the creativity and vibrancy of Madagascar’s street dance scene. Have a look at the pictures here!



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