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This week’s round-up features some very special events! We have a lot to share with you this week, from tomorrow’s Bloggers Forum in Cameroon, to the nomination of our partner, Orange, to the Africa Telecom People Awards. Check out our top highlights here!
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Bloggers Forum Douala
Don’t miss the Bloggers Forum in Daloula, Cameroon tomorrow! This gathering is a great opportunity to discover blogging, meet influential bloggers in the country and exchange your thoughts about the future of this activity. Moreover, we are proud to announce that our Mozillian Dorothée, is one of the speakers of this forum! Just another reason to not miss the event!Bloggers Forum Douala

Africa Telecom People Awards
Our partner Orange has been shortlisted for the Africa Telecom People Awards, the oldest distinction which honors African actors! The ceremony will take place on October 11th, so fingers crossed!

MozCafe – Cameroon
We are happy to announce that several MozCafes will take place throughout October across Cameroon; in Douala, Buéa, Dschang, Douala, Maroua, Ngaoundéré et Bamenda. Stay tuned, more information to come soon right here.

Logo Mozilla Cameroon good

Digital Thursday
Good news! The 4th edition of Ecole des Digital Thursday will take place on the 08th October. But what is it exactly? Well it’s a one hour free session where you can learn more about the tools to use, to boost your visibility online. And guess what? It’s free! Don’t forget to register here.

Special guest at Linksz 2015
On the 18th September, the Linksz ICT challenge took place at Botho University in Botswana.
The main purpose of this ICT challenge is to bring together the best ICT students from tertiary universities and secondary schools in Botswana to battle out and show their technical skill, speed and knowledge. This event was a great success and our beloved Foxie was there!!

Fox Botswana

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