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This week was quite busy for our women in tech ! With successful events in London and Ghana, more and more motivated women willing to bring changes on the continent, several stories about women who dared to come into a masculine world and succeed it… Discover all that here !
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Women in Tech Africa – London Chapter
Last Wednesday we had the chance to attend Women in tech diaspora Africa in London. As expected, it was a very qualitative gathering where we had the chance to meet interesting and inspirational women.

‘When you are in a room full of women, you have to make sense’ – Josiah Kwesi Eyison

First of all, Ethel Cofie, the organiser and founder of the Women in Tech Africa association, introduced her group and talked about the challenges she faced throughout her career. We also had the chance to have Kwesi Eyison as a speaker; as co-founder of Women in Tech Africa and iSpace, he shared his point of view on the role of women in this area and insisted on the necessity for Africa to open doors for them to enter the tech sector.

Emem Rita Usanga (co-founder of InvestWell) and Rashada Harry co-director of ‘Your Future Your Ambition’ also talked about their projects and what is is like being a a woman in tech; they also underlined the necessity to build the next women leader generation in Africa. The event was full of meaningful encounters that make us want to bring changes…watch this space!

Success Story – Linet Kwamboka
Here is the story of another woman who successfully created her company in a field more dominated by men, Linet Kwamboka. Linet is the founder of Data Science Ltd, a software engineering company based in Nairobi. Thanks to her motivations and her trust in her abilities, she successfully created a higher quality business and became an influential woman in the African tech industry. But we won’t tell you more…

“I always believed I had the skills to do amazing things “–  Linet Kwamboka

Data Science

Data Science

Women’s role in the tech revolution
This week, we also wanted to share Mwamvita Makamba’s interview with you. She talks about her experiences as a woman in the telecom industry and shares her point of view on the challenges the continent is facing. According to her, the mobile tech revolution offers not only growth opportunities but also gives a chance to women entrepreneurs to go into a business still dominated by men.
BinocularWhy investing in Africa?
Africa is more and more recognized as being home for tech innovation. Our continent is indeed full of great developers and thinkers building the future of tech and our continent. The week, we came across an article introducing the 4 reasons why investors should seriously consider Africa for tech – quite interesting.
KLIF in Ivory Coast
Good news! The Orange KLIF is available in Ivory Coast. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our Ivorian community’s page and to follow them on Twitter. Once again, congratulations to our Mozillians for their great job!


You have probably spotted this week, the hashtag  #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou was trending. Web users decided to post their pictures to show the true face of Africa and to fight the clichés on our continent. Don’t hesitate to share yours with us !


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Written by Tina Meziant