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From #AddUganda, to changes in Firefox OS and of course our women in tech we’ve had our finger on the pulse of some campaigns and of course, our highlights from the continent.
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Did you know that several countries, such as Uganda are still excluded from Twitter trends? We are fighting for an open web, and supporting the campaign #AddUganda. Join us in our quest!

What do you want Firefox OS to do for you?
Firefox OS is always looking to develop and provide the best for our users. Recently, several users expressed what they would like in the future versions of Firefox OS – and we’re listening! Here’s a snapshot from a loyal user. What do you think? Share your feedback with us!


The wave of African girls in tech
A few days ago, four young Nigerian women won the Global Technovation Challenge in the High School Category. They have developed Discardious, a mobile to tackle waste disposal in Nigeria.
Thanks to this great idea, they became the first Nigerian girls to win this contest – but they are not the only women involved in tech on the continent… We have several stories of successful women who decided to get into tech even when society put up its barriers ! Here author Onyedimmakachukwu Obiukwu explains how the face (and gender) of the tech industry is changing and how there are a whole host of initiatives to help women wanting to break into tech, succeed.

download1-681x454Ghanaian inspiring entrepreneurs
It can be difficult to set up a new business from scratch and when tech is concerned, it’s not an easy task. Great ideas are one thing, but implementation, backing and opportunity are another entirely. Finding funding is difficult and being a woman in a business dominated by men can enhance these problems… We came across a great article introducing the careers of 6 inspiring Ghanaian entrepreneurs who despite all the barriers, succeeded in creating their businesses.

KLIF Launches
The Orange Klif has been launched in Guinea and Central African Republic! We’re so proud of our Mozillians and the work they’re doing as we’re starting to see the KLIF shine bright all across Africa. Congratulations to our great Mozillians.

What does OS mean?!
So we get it, it can be strange trying to define exactly what OS means. Depending on who you’re talking to, you might get the coders view… which can be confusing for some.
But no worries, we have the perfect explanation for you!

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