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As with every Friday, it’s time for our weekly round-up! This week we have some great news from Egypt, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon – where our great Mozillian Dorothée has becoming the face of Mozilla!

logoAFDB Innovation weekend in Abidjan
The Innovation weekend has started! Organized by the African Development Bank Group, the event has involved inspiring several young African leaders (often women) to stimulate their creativity and be truly innovative. By the end of the weekend three of the projects will be specially selected to win a prize! Will you be attending this great event? If so we would love to know how it goes.

Dorothée: the face of Mozilla Firefox in Cameroon
This week our MozRep Dorothée has been highlighted by Le quotidien de l’économie! Did you know she was on the Top 10 Techwomen Impact this year? Next month she will be travelling the world as she looks to defend Mozilla’s values. You can learn about her career and projects here.

Mozilla Right-to-Left Hackathon
Our Mozillians from Egypt attended the Right-to-Left Hackathon in Colombo, Sri Lanka last week. Mozillians whose language is written from right to left (such as Arabic, Persian, Urdu) attended this event in order to prepare for the Firefox Fall Campaign and to bring RTL to more of Mozilla’s products. A successful and inspiring event for our mozillians!

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VIBE Challenge 2015
Our Mozillian Abbackar was lucky enough to attend the first VIBE challenge in Ivory Coast a few weeks ago. Organized by Village des Technologies de l’Information et de la Biotechnologie, the event involves start-ups competing against one another in a bid to be one of the three projects chosen to be incubated by VITIB. The event saw 60 young entrepreneurs, students, developers, coders and other tech geniuses all gather together to battle it out for the final prize.

VIBE picture

Africa Web Festival
Great news! The second edition of Africa Web Festival will take place in Abidjan from the 3rd to the 5th of December. The theme this year is smart cities, so we can expect some very interesting talks and debates…  Another event not to miss!

Egypt Innovation Day
Egypt Innovation Day will take place on the 17th of October, in Cairo! This event aims to support creativity and innovation in Egypt. This great event places innovation and creativity at its core, as well aiming to develop young people’s skills and prepare them for the world of business. Once again this is an event not to miss. Find more info here.



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