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We hope you had an amazing week! We did! So many things happen in our continent it’s getting harder to choose what to include here – but we did it!

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Alexandria, the second offline training!
Further than 175km from the first training in Mansoura, Mozilla Egypt held their second awesome training in Alexandria, as a part of their activities in #FirefoxOS_Apps_Challenge to help developers know more about developing Firefox OS apps. The team explained what the Manifest is to the attendees and introduced responsive templates to show how to build Firefox OS apps successfully. They also helped them to access some APIs like camera, contact, and geolocation.


What does it take to succeed in IT?
IT and tech is undoubtedly the most promising sector nowadays. There is always room for new inventions, we are always looking for the newest thing that will change our lives. This week we came across an interesting article explaining how to be successful in this flourish area… Do you also want to start a career in IT? Then read this article and be prepared to become a STAR!

Quartz Summit in Nairobi
The conclusion of the Quartz Summit in Nairobi is that ‘Africans are leading the continent’s transformation’. But what is Quartz Africa? It’s a digitally native news outlet for business people in the new global economy. The summit in Nairobi was an event to celebrate businesses and individuals creating changes on our continent. A great and inspiring event. Refresh your memory and have a read of the live blog here.

tech4africa-logoTech4Africa event in October
Tech4Africa, the largest tech innovation group in the continent, startup and entrepreneur platform in Africa, is
launching a series of events from the 5th of October to the 8th of October in Johannesburg, South Africa. Go, go, go, book your tickets – get in
spired and meet amazing people!

An App for the blind
Victor Shoaga, Ayodele Obasegun, Oyatope Blessing and Otaru Babatunde, you don’t know them? It’s just a question of time! These 5 students have just developed an app called Humanem, a software platform that helps the blind perform tasks that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. This app is not available to the public (yet?), but it’s such a great innovation we couldn’t not talk about it!

That’s all for the weekly round up this week – of course, come back next Friday to see the latest news from Firefox OS once again!

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