Hello! We are extremely happy to present to you today, Mouhamadou Camara. We will be giving you more information about him and his mission as a Mozillian.

1. How did the Mozilla adventure start with you? And how long have you been a “Mozillian” ?

It all started in October 2010 when I received an email from William Quiviger to organize a meetup for the launch of Firefox 4. We had to work for about 6 months before coming to Senegal; there were 5 Mozillians, of which 4 were employees arriving for a marathon week. William Quiviger wrote a good article in English, which you can read here.

2. If you could ever choose a nickname, what would it be?

Personally, I do not know, but in the street when I hear Mr Mozilla or Mr Firefox, I answer!

3. What is your role within the community? How much of your time do you give for the missions? Are you 100% involved?

I started as a ‘Community builder’ with the launch of Mozilla-Senegal and event organization and continue to manage the Senegalese community. I also try to contribute as much as possible in other branches such as WebQA, Firefox OS (Operating System) apps, Add-ons SDK CommReps …

4. What are the sites, blogs or other african / senegalese information resources you follow and read often?

I have three to four websites of technological information that I follow closely:   

but there is also the network of bloggers in Senegal Kebetu.

5. Do you follow any African / Senegalese people online? If yes, can you give us their names?

Naturally, the majority of politicians, bloggers… I try to stay updated on what is happening in Senegal in technology as well as politically.

6. Did you set up any initiatives with the Senegalese Community yet? If yes, tell us about them.

We started to build the Mozilla community in Senegal at the launch of Firefox 4. After this, our team toured the schools, institutes and universities to talk about Mozilla products especially Web technologies. I also did a report on the three years of Mozilla in Senegal, which you can find here.

7. What is your relationship with Firefox OS? Did you get the chance to try it?

I started to follow the evolution of FireFox OS since the beginning and I try to talk to people around me when possible. I admit that at first, it was very difficult to talk about, especially since it was necessary to compile all of the sources, and without any mobile to show. With the ‘geekphone’, we could show the phone in real life and that was extraordinary, because participants could see us develop an application and we could in turn show it on the phone.

8. Have you got ideas for Firefox OS and its expansion in Africa?

The ease of developing Firefox OS application is its strength and can be the engine that allows us to create local content very quickly and easily. In Senegal, we plan to tour schools and universities to show students how to create Firefox OS applications, and above all we will meet with local startups to see how they can migrate most of their mobile applications to the OS.

9. What would you say to convince other people to join this project and the Firefox OS Community?

Just that they can tell their grandson that they were involved in creating something great.


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Written by Zoe Parkinson