This week our Mozillian, Manuela, wrote a post about the most recent Moz Conference, which took place within the Specialty School of Multimedia in Abidjan.

Everything you need to know about Guilène Assamoi
Guilène Assamoi, who graduated in International Project Management at the Sorbonne, Paris, is the CEO of GuilEvent, a firm specialising in communication expertise. GuilEvent is also involved in cultural and artistic promotion, and created the website, which intends to become an online culture magazine. The website intends to move towards becoming the media partner of many cultural events.Passionate about African culture, contemporary art and new technology, Guilène had the opportunity to co-organize events offering exchange platforms for women.
She is co-manager of the editorial team for Ivorian cartoons online (, alongside the BD-blogger Polman, and in 2013, Guilène was elected auditor of the Association of Bloggers Coast Ivory (ABCI): a true Ivorian role model!

GuilEvent ESMA Abidjan
On Friday 24th July, a Moz-Conference was held aiming to promote women in ICT, including those who involve ICT in their profession. It was organised by Manuela Kouadio in Abidjan Multimedia Specialty School, or ESMA Abidjan, and was about how to become a web editor. The meeting was intended to be a time for interaction between ESMA journalism students and one of the most influential people in the art of communication Coast Ivory, Guilène Assamoi.



The workshop started with a brief presentation by Manuela Guilène, before talking with students present.


Guilène began her presentation by defining the role of a web editor. She then spoke of the opportunities associated with this profession and addressed the growing demand for web editors, and the outlook for this profession.


According to her, a good web copywriter must master three elements:

“First, it is necessary to have an excellent grasp of the language used on the internet, extranet and intranet, as well as web standards (HTML, SEO, and social media) and be able to use different CMS (WordPress, Magento etc). You must also understand the constraints of online publication (graphic and editorial guidelines), and the multimedia and editorial environment (the combinations and different specificities of media). It is essential to acquire writing skills, that is to say, know the good writing practices on the web and how search engines work to optimize content for SEO and understand the use of Internet.

Secondly, the know-how. This is the ability to adapt your writing to certain styles and specific constraints, and develop knowledge in terms of searching and watch development progress in the trade.

Third, know-being. That is to say, adaptability, curiosity and spirit of synthesis”.


Finally, she shared with students the key to success and her tips to be a good web editor.
The teachings of Guilène were applauded by all students. In return, students asked many questions and shared their difficulties and experiences.
Some students have already launched their blog. The event was the perfect time to ask numerous questions and seek advice from Guilène’s expertise. This was the case of N’dri Kouassi, a student studying 3 license journalism ESMA, who wanted to get feedback on his blog and wondered how to improve its appearance.


The question-answer session ended with Deborah A. N’Guessan, who wished to have tips on to customize your blog and make it more attractive.


Guilène gave advice to all students, getting them motivated, and even promised to organize a workshop on WordPress to show them how to create a custom blog!

Manuela closed the workshop by addressing the students:

“She made me discover a hidden passion for writing . But she is also a role model, an example for me because I have always wanted to be like her and to inspire people, especially female, to do what I do.”

The workshop on the web editor of the trade ended with a beautiful family photo of all participants. Do not be surprised if after seeing the presentation of Guilène, you can’t resist but start writing your own blog!


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Written by Manuela Kouadio