We’ve been talking about the launch of Firefox OS in Africa for a few months now, especially in Ivory Coast. For the first time, Ivory Coast ICT community was pleased to receive Desigan Chinniah, better known under the name of Dees, Head of Global Mobile Partnerships & Business Development at Mozilla.

Bacely Yorobi, the leader of Mozilla community of Ivory Coast organized a special CONNECTx FIREFOX OS: FEATURES AND ECOSYSTEM. This event, which took place on Tuesday 5th gathered together some great names in the Ivory Coast ICT community; Edith Brou (Blogger), Cyriac Gbogou (blogger and Founder of O’village), Régis Bamba (Ivorian Developer and Ceo of Intelgo), some world names of Mobile and Web application development, as well as some newcomers and fans.


To start, Bacely Yorobi – 1st Ivoirian Mozilla man and founder of Mozilla Ivory Coast community, introduced the whole Ivorian Mozilla community which was founded 3 years ago. He highlighted their various activities and achievements since its creation to date. Ivoirian Mozilla persons were introduced to the attendees in the Techno Center of Orange. Out of Mozilla Ivory Coast, there were  three Mozilla reps , four FSA (Firefox Student Ambassadors), and a WOMOZ – Ange Manuela Kouadio just a few of the great persons who contributed to make Ivorian community one of the most active communities in Africa and the most active of West Africa. It was our greatest pride to for the first time, welcome an employee of Mozilla and to soon launch of OS in Ivory Coast.

At the beginning Côte d’Ivoire was not present on the map, and now it is, thanks to the hard work of his community’

Communautes Mozilla

Different Mozilla communities localization on which appears Ivory Coast community

With the presentation of the Ivorian community over, the floor was given to the guest of the day – Dees. He made a presentation of Mozilla and its various projects and then introduced a demo of Firefox OS. The attendees could see and touch the FIREFOX OS  phone for the very first time and many developers in the room were astonished by the mobile operating system and its performance based on a simple HTML.  We can even use the functions of the phone with a simple JavaScript unlike other mobile systems based on a native language. The price of the phone also amazed the audience.


Orange made the presentation of the smartphone with Firefox OS, known as the KLIF, which will be sold at 30.000 CFA Francs (49,80 Us Dollars) and whose launch is expected in June with the participation of the Mozilla Ivory Coast community.


Presentation of the Smartphone Orange KLIF


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Written by Aka Brou Yannick
Besides being a student passionate about tech and web/mobile development, Aka is also a developer in his spare time. Aka has been a member of Mozilla Ivory Coast for 2 years now. He is also taking part in the Firefox Student Ambassador program where he is a Regional Ambassador Lead for Africa and the Middle East.