Following the launching of Orange Klif in Mauritius two months ago, the Firefox OS Mauritius team have just started one of their new activities, User Reviews. This is an Orange Klif user focus activity which comprises a series of tools like video interviews, questions and answers or short surveys which will allow us to collect information about the usage of Orange Klif.

For our first activity this month, we have the great pleasure of presenting Mr Vikram Ghurburrun, a heavy mobile phone user who has acquired an Orange Klif for the past two months.

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Vikram Ghurburrun

F –  When did you purchase your Orange Klif?
V – Two months ago.

F – Why did you purchase an Orange Klif?
V – I purchased the Orange Klif because it is very cheap and it has every function compared to other smartphones.

F- Where did you buy your Klif?
V – I bought the Orange Klif at the Orange Shop in Terre Rouge, Mauritius at Rs 1599 (approx. USD 40).

F – Are you happy with the smartphone and its features?
V – I am very happy with the smartphone features.

F – What about the access Orange Services?
V – I am satisfied with networking and services provided by Orange Mauritius.

F-  Have you met any difficulties?
V – No, I have not got any problem yet since the date I bought the phone.

F – Do you know the operating system of Orange Klif?
V – I know Firefox which I am using as Internet browser but Firefox OS for the first time.

F – Is it user friendly?
V – Very user friendly, as it’s so easy to use!

F- What do you like most with the Klif?
V – The games, Facebook, the browser, Mmusic, Soccer – Star Africa and Orange Foot, Daily Motion and the one operation button as well.

F – Would you recommend your friends to buy one?
V – Yes, I will definitely recommend it to my friends to purchase this smartphone, as it’s so easy to use.

F – May I know your level of education?
V – I am graduate in procurement and supply chain.

This is the first impressive feedback that we have collected from one of our Orange Klif clients who have been kind enough to share the above.
According to him, Orange Klif is a user-friendly smartphone which is reliable and cheap compared to other smartphones.
So this is the first of our series of interview-feedback activities which we want to initiate to get a synopsis of Orange Klif usage in Mauritius. These comments strongly show the potential of Orange Klif in the mobile environment and the power of Firefox OS.

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Written by Firefox Admin