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Who is Dr. Reham Reda?

No one can deny the role of women in the technology field and these women deserve nothing more than respect and appreciation for breaking the boundaries. So with this in mind, today we’re talking about the heroines in Egypt and their role in the technology sector. We had the great opportunity to interview one of the Egyptian pioneers in tech, Dr. Reham Reda.


Dr. Reham Reda is an Associate Professor at the Information System Department, Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Mansoura University, Egypt. Whilst at this university, she received a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and a PhD in Information System.  She also achieved a  doctorate in Multimedia Security Technologies for Digital Rights Management (DRM) System – this is just one of her many achievements in the technology field.

She has had 10 years of experience in academic teaching, with proficiency in academic writing, developing curriculum programs, programming, database design and implementation and data analysis / mining tools. Additionally, Dr. Reham has published many articles international journals and conferences, whilst organising several local and international workshops.

Dr. Reham stands as the Egyptian ambassador for Arab Women In Computing (ArabWIC) organization. What a profile!


The path to her knowledge

So, let’s take a closer look at the conferences and seminars (local and international) in which Dr. Reham was involved.

She was involved in the ITI 3rd International Conference on Enabling Technologies for the New Knowledge Society and Egypt 2005. She also participated in Third International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Systems, Egypt 2007. She also attended the 7th International Conference on Communications and Information Technology.


In 2009, she engaged in the 8th International Internet Education Conference & Exhibition ICT-Learn Conference Education and Technology: A Catalyst for knowledge Society, Egypt. In 2011, the Fifth International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems, Egypt. In 2014, there was the 2nd International Conference Engineering and Technology (ICET2014), Egypt. And most recently, Dr. Reham participated in NYUAD Women In Computing in the Arab World Conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE 2015.



Her thoughts on Mozilla

You may be curious to know what Dr. Reham’s relationship with Mozilla is – well, look no further. From the start, she followed Mozilla’s footsteps and ever since she has learnt a great deal about what Mozilla does to help people to live a better life. When we asked Dr. Reham for her opinion on the activities and products by Mozilla, she said “Mozilla is a great organisation who try to build strong infrastructures in all of their ideas. I don’t know all of Mozilla’s products but I’m using their Firefox Browser (for desktop and IOS) in my personal and business life and I find it extremely fast, responsive and handy.”



Furthermore, she’s a true advocate for Open Source, stating “open source is the Hivemind now in Egypt. Even some closed source companies try to make their products applicable with the open source, and many government educational platforms and non government ones use open source in Egypt like ubuntu”.


Mozilla Egypt and Firefox OS – Dr. Reham Reda Reveals All

After attending one of the events by the Mozilla Egypt Community in Mansoura she said “the community presented the achievements of Mozilla in the last 5 years and I was very surprised about what they did.” So of course we were curious to know more about her views on Firefox OS! She believes that Firefox OS is still very new, but the concept is great as it’s proactive and it recognises the needs of people – most people are using smartphones instead of desktops so it’s essential to be with the user every step of the way, and that’s what Firefox OS is all about. She didn’t use Firefox OS before but she used the launcher of the first version and the developer preview for version 2.0. She hopes that Firefox OS can provide or connect with other operating systems out there instead of being an isolated island.


She also followed the launch of Firefox in Egypt and was very interested in knowing what’s next for Mozilla in Egypt. Dr. Reham thinks that launching for Firefox OS in Egypt has achieved great success as Mozilla has satisfied the needs of many categories of Egypt; on the top of it the Developers who can flash firefoxOS in their own devices. We asked Dr. Reham about her opinion on the Mozilla Egypt Community and she told us “I followed the community and I loved what they did. I attended one of their events in Mansoura University, which was for everyone not only students, and it was a great day where they spoke about Mozilla’s products and volunteering. They’re a great team who are doing a great job of helping their society.”

The Future

And finally for her future plans, Dr. Reham has goals for the short term and long term. For the near future, she plans to help young women enter the technology sector, achieve an associated professor degree and become a leading woman in her community.

For the long term, she plans to own a women’s social non profit organisation.

We’re going to finish off with a thought by the heroine herself, who shares some advice for the curious thinkers. “For every woman, young leader or other, trust you are the best one to achieve what you want. Think positive and you will achieve positive results. Your failures is the free fuel for your success story.”

Dr. Reham Reda gives her thanks to Mozilla for this fantastic interview and also thanks Mozilla and the Mozilla Egypt Community for its activities and products that made and will make people live a better life.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask Dr. Reham, send them across and she will get back to you.

Stay tuned for our coming articles!

Interview by Mohammed EL-barbeer



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Written by Mohammed EL-barbeer