Lots happening in the Mozilla Universe and as always, great things on the horizon for Firefox Senegal with a series of events kick starting the launch of the KLIF!

Our Mozillians Ibrahima Sarr, Brian King & William Quiviger jetted off to meet with local communities to spread the word of FirefoxOS in Africa and to hopefully recruit some eager new members to share in this experience. Here’s the first installment of their journey, as told by Ibrahima himself.   

Day 1

I arrived in Dakar just before midnight on Tuesday. By the time I got to the place I was staying for the night; it was already about 2AM.

I spent the day working at the USE-CAMG, which is a development support NGO based in Dakar. With their 20,000 members all over the country (rural areas mostly), USE have been working to promote literacy, women empowerment through education, sport and training since 1955. USE have large headquarters with classrooms, an IT room with computers and they also have a number of schools around that they work with.
Throughout the day, the place is full of young people who are either learning or doing sports. It is a great place to experiment WebMaker training, but also to promote Firefox OS as many of these young people will want a cheap smartphone like the Orange KLIF!


Most importantly, USE have trained more than 80, 000 people to read and write in local languages: Wolof, Fulah, Soninke! And most of these people are in the target list of Orange KLIF potential buyers, especially because they will only read these languages and not French.

On May 7th we met at the USE with influencer Fatimata Sy, director of the Associative Life, Fatimata has a network of connections with NGOs, institutions and associations both in Dakar and across the country and she attends virtually every event connected to IT, literacy, and local development. 

Keep an eye out for more news from Senegal, soon!


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Written by Ibrahima Sarr