A few weeks ago our Mozillians Ibrahima Sarr, Brian King & William Quiviger jetted off to meet with local communities to spread the word of FirefoxOS in Africa and to hopefully recruit some eager new members to share in this experience. You have already discovered the first day of their journey, here is the second part !

Day 2 : 12-hour overnight trip to north of the country to see my dad!

Very long and difficult journey but with the advantage of travelling by night (you can sleep and it’s a bit cooler than the day) and arriving early morning.
I arrived on Thursday May 31 around 10 am, which is a funny time to have breakfast for these villagers who wake up around 5 am! I had breakfast anyway because I was starving!
My dad is almost 99 years old and still there! He even has a mobile phone which is very important in his life as it is the link with all his children who are scattered in 7 countries and 2 continents! By the way he hears you more clearly on the phone than when you’re facing him, which I found a bit strange!
Anyway my father was going to have a great surprise! Desigan Chinniah, one of the Mozilla content team sent him a phone when I met him in Barcelona. I was talking to him about calling my dad in the Mozilla booth staff room and he was surprised my dad was so aged and still using a phone. We laughed at my joke that it was not a Firefox OS phone tough… Then Dees really kindly told me he was going to send one to my dad! I never spoke about it until… this morning.
I told my dad about the present from Dees. He said he was delighted to have a better phone and I told him that I have also contributed to the project. “May God bless your friend”, he said. Then he said it was a shame Dees does not speak French so he can call him with the phone and thank him. Don’t worry, I said, he already knows you’re thankful because I tweeted it. It took me 5 minutes to explain what Twitter was (my father is retired since 1970 and has never lived in a city since). I showed him the tweet and Dees reply. Yes I could see a lot of joy in his eyes!
Everybody came to see the phone and the news has spread so quickly!
In this village, we have our oldest “mini influencer” as when people heard that Firefox OS also supports Fulah, just guess…

Day 5: Trip back to Dakar…

Day 6: Meeting with Dalberg

This is our very first meeting in Dakar since our arrival. Dalberg is a strategic advisory firm dedicated to global development, digital inclusion and youth employment. Our meeting was held at Dalberg offices in Dakar on Tuesday, just hours after William and David landed in the Senegalese capital. The discussions aimed at looking into ways of collaborating in the light of Mozilla projects and Manifesto. Dalberg staff has kindly issued a number of proposals that will assist Mozilla in achieving goals in Senegal, especially related to participation.

Ib 1

Day 6: Meeting/ Lunch with Karim Sy of Jokkolabs

Jokkolabs is a coworking open space in the heart of Dakar, “a social change hub” that is dedicated to connecting, supporting, and inspiring for better entrepreneurship in the IT domain. Karim Sy, Jokkolabs founder is one of our influencers who has been innovating for social change for the last few years mainly by helping startups and entrepreneurs by playing the role of an incubator made in Senegal. We discussed with Karim about opportunities for collaboration as well as using their facilities for Mozilla ongoing initiatives in Dakar.
We had a wonderful lunch and we visited Jokkolabs headquarters in Dakar and had an interesting chat with people around. We will be organizing a Mobile Monday at Jokkolabs on May 11th.

IB 2

Day 7: Meeting with Coders4Africa

Coder4Africa aims at creating the largest community of African programmers that share and transfer knowledge among themselves and with future generation of programmers. We discussed various subjects including their economic model but also ways of collaborating with Mozilla.


Stay tuned to discover the last part of this great trip !

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Written by Ibrahima Sarr