Mozilla Egypt iftar

In preparation for the launch of Firefox OS in Egypt, the Egyptian Mozilla Community held an event on the 10th July 2015 called “Mozilla Egypt Iftar 2015”. But what does “Iftar” mean and who were the event’s attendees? What are the event’s goals? All the previous questions need an answer, and here they are!

To start, Iftar (in Arabic: إفطار‎) refers to the evening meal when Muslims stop fasting during the Ramadan month. The event was set up and invitations were sent to the attendees – no registration required! We invited all Mozilla Egypt reps, Mozillians and best contributors to share knowledge and brainstorm to prepare for the launch of Firefox OS in Egypt and to strengthen social relations between the team to create a more united ‘family’.

firefox OSIn addition, we invited some well known IT and open source community managers to introduce them to the Firefox OS launch in Egypt and how they could support us (in terms of marketing, pushing apps in Arabic Language…). That was the occasion for them to try the device that will actually be on the market and for us, to get feedback and attract new developers and users to contribute to Firefox OS. Here is the kind of feedback we had from people who tried the device :


What about the event day?
We sought a suitable place to hold the event that would be best for our Mozillians and guests. We found a great spot and here are our Mozillians preparing the event for our attendees!

firefox iftar 2

The event ran in two stages, the first – 2 hours before the Iftar:
Bahy Mohamed (Mozilla Rep Mentor)  kicked off the event, sharing the latest news and activity for Firefox OS launch with the attendess and discussing what was new, as well as what will be coming next. Very exciting!

bahy klif

Bahy present to attendees the Firefox OS on the Klif device

Then, Mohamed Hafez (Mozilla Rep) explained Mozilla’s mission and highlighted why an OS for mobile devices was created and what is new and special about it.

firefox iftar 3

The second stage, 1 hour after Iftar involved a group discussion that was held after the meal for over 1 hour to answer the attendees’ questions, for instance, some people asked about the process of testing Firefox OS using a Kilf device or a simulator and how they could contribute to its development.

Others discussed how to report bugs and sort other issues easily and through which networks.

firefox iftar 5

The event was a great success and we loved seeing everyone there and engaged in FirefoxOS! Our attendees seemed very happy and thankful to Mozilla and Mozilla’s Egyptian Team and we, of course were happy to have them.
Of course, we all took pictures and the odd ‘selfie’ or two – it would have been a shame not to have a look at the album !

So, like what you see? Want to see it happen again but with you involved? Well, you have the chance – let us know what you would like to be part of, or if you have opportunities or events that you think Firefox OS could be involved in.
We’re waiting for your response! :)

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Written by Mohammed EL-barbeer