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Today we are writing to you about Mozlando! Once again a lot of things happened during our amazing week – take a look at our recap here…

Firefox OS Pivot to Connected Devices
Over the past few days you may have read about Mozilla’s new strategy and the creation of the Connected Devices organisation replacing what was the Firefox OS team.  Firefox OS will now be used to explore more use cases with a broader focus on connected devices such as Smart TV and Home, whilst continuing work on smartphones with the availability of Firefox OS 2.5, the developer preview edition and Firefox OS Ports, enabling Firefox OS to run on existing hardware, including unlocked Android devices.
Connected Devices will have the DNA of an open-source project with even more Community involvement.
Find more information about the new strategy from the SVP of Connected Devices, Ari Jaaksi who wrote a blog post here.

On Tuesday, Mozilla launched Focus. We hear you asking, what is Focus? Well it’s a free ad blocker for Safari on iOS9 which will keep your browsing experience free of ads, web analytics and social media trackers.
With Focus we want to give users the control of their privacy, improve their mobile performance and reduce data usage. Discover more about our new app here.


Firefox OS Africa
This week we also took the time to meet with the Firefox OS Africa team. Not all team members were able to join us in Orlando but we had the chance to have Ganesh and Pamela from Mauritius, Mariot from Madagascar, Amine from Tunisia, Candy from Botswana, Dorothée from Cameroon and Alex from Kenya.
During this meet-up we exchanged our experiences and discussed our projects for 2016, etc.
We can already tell you that 2016 will be a great year, so stay tuned!


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