Let me introduce myself: my name is Divambal Subbaraya Pillai, but everybody calls me by my nickname Pamela. I work as Assistant System Analyst. I have been a Mozillian since 2012 and since then Mozilla has become part of my life, if not our life, as MozRep Ganesh is none other than my husband. There is not a day that we do not talk about Mozilla.
Though I have been a Mozillian for a few years now, I have only just been able to organise my first Womoz event this year in Mauritius. However, I have been participating and organising more than 100 events together with Ganesh. While this synergy has enabled us to promote the mission of Mozilla, it has also made us become closer to each other.
So let’s come back to the main topic, my first Womoz event. It was a kitchen event, however it took me so much time to organise this event. The participants postponed it for about 3-4 times, but finally we arranged a date. I must thank Mrs Sandana Seeneevassen for having accepted the request to host the event at her place. Sandana has two daughters, Kamalum and Kaivanum, who also participated in this event.

My First Womoz Event - Mauritius 1

As usual we used our own means of transport, our car, to reach her place at 1.00 p.m in St Paul, which is 40 km from our home village, Long Mountain, North of Mauritius. In order to make this event lively and to enable the participants to enjoy what we are going to show them, we brought along our laptop to connect to their internet. They were impatient for us to start this enthusiastic learning session. As a housewife, Sandana was very excited to be initiated in this programme and she had also made up her mind about how to use this medium to improve her skill in embroidery, dressmaking and other craft works; and also how to use ICT as a marketing tools.
Sandana, who did not know anything about computers, was so keen to learn that she participated fully during the session with so many questions. She even prepared herself by being equipped with a notebook to take notes. It’s good to mention that she was so enthusiastic to learn about about computing that she bought a laptop a few months ago. After this session her young daughter Kaivanum, who is a student, started to like computer studies which she used to dislike. She developed an interest for computer subject which is actually one of her learning subjects at high school.
My First Womoz Event - Mauritius 2

Following our introduction of Mozilla and explanation about our role as Mozillians, they seized this opportunity to create their own profile on mozillians.org and they were vouched by Ganesh, our Mozilla Rep.

One question was “What is Internet?” and the answer was to search for thing. I used a daily life analogy to explain to them what is Internet with example of taking the bus to go to a place.

  • Take bus to go to bus station (browser – Mozilla Firefox)
  • At bus station, must search for the right bus (search engine eg. Google)
  • Start walking around to find best route (search result)
  • Find exact bus (Search within result list)
  • Take the bus to go to destination (the website chosen from result list)

With this explanation not only Sandana have a better understanding of Internet but her two daughters as well. So we continue the session by explaining the different project of Mozilla. We introduce Webmaker and they found it interesting.

At the end they were very happy with the presentation and they demanded we come back again as soon as possible!

Article written by Pamela – Mozilla Mauritius


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