My adventure with Mozilla started with the launching of Firefox 1.0 in 1999. Prior to this year, I was using Mosaic as an Internet browser which was replaced by Netscape. Since I always had a thirst for knowledge in Information Communication Technologies (ICT), I subscribed to the Mozilla newsletter which was providing me with updates on the products of Mozilla. Since then, I have been promoting the products of Mozilla, particularly Firefox and Thunderbird. This is how my interest and love for Free and Open Source Software started.


It was in 2008 when I joined the Student Campus Rep programme to spread Firefox, which brought my interactions with Mozilla through William Reynolds, who is an employee of Mozilla. I was so impressed and enthusiastic about Mozilla’s activities that I became a Mozilla Rep in 2012. Shortly after, I invited Pamela, who is also my wife, to create her Mozillan profile. I was thrilled with this tie, as we have achieved a significant accomplishment by creating a new community – Mozilla Mauritius

profile firefox osFollowing the set-up of the Core Team for the launch of Firefox OS in Africa, I received a call of interest from William Quiviger to join the team. Since Mauritius is one of the 13 countries where Firefox OS will be launched through the smartphone Orange Klif, I have agreed to contribute and be part of this team.

There were several tasks involved for the launch, and I was asked to choose a role for myself from the positions in the localisation, creative and writing teams. I took on the role of localiser, meaning that I have since been responsible for translating several articles, including our wiki, for the Firefox OS Africa blog.

A work plan was framed and weekly calls were held on Fridays evenings. Meanwhile, there have been several emails exchanged with representatives of RE-UP for the setting up of the blog, wiki and the Firefox OS Africa website.

Ganesh - KLIF launchAs a Core Team member, I seize this opportunity to meet the Orange Marketing Team regarding the launch of the Klif in Mauritius. In fact, prior to this meeting I met the Executive Business Development Director with his team in 2014 following an introductory email from Amira Dhalla to Orange Mauritius. On our second meeting with the team, I showed a Firefox OS phone, Keon, for the first time. They were fascinated and enthusiastic to see a smartphone running under Firefox OS. It was only after the Mobile World Congress in February that our exchange with Orange Mauritius began for the introduction of Orange Klif in Mauritius.

Orange Mauritius organised a series of events called ‘Orange Lor Baz’ around the country, and in major villages, in particular. These events have been held on Saturdays in commercial strategic spots. These musically enhanced events which were set up mainly in public parking spaces for the exhibition of Orange services, attracted thousands of people. Mozilla Mauritius was invited to join this event to promote Orange Klif and of course Firefox OS. This event was held in the west Mauritius and 7000 people visited the space.

Image 1

Members of the Mozillian team such as Ganesh and Pamela attended this event from 11.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m and promoted Firefox OS through the Klif. Following the demonstration of the Klif, many visitors were incredibly excited about enthusiastic about the smartphone. So much so, that they wanted to buy it on the spot, but unfortunately the provision was not made to sell the phone there….what happened next – to be continued.

By Ganesh, Mozilla Mauritius

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Written by Firefox Admin