A few weeks ago, you discovered the first part of the KLIF launch in Mauritius… We won’t make you wait any longer, here is the second part written by our Mozilian Ganesh!

The second part of this article generally gives an overview of the needs of the public regarding smartphones, which was noted during the Orange KLIF launch in Mauritius. Now, this is the lesson learned from the visitors who came to share their likes during our KLIF launch tour. Wherever we have been during this 6-week event, we have heard similar remarks regarding the price at which the KLIF was sold and the existence of FirefoxOS as a new smartphone operating system. However, many who we spoke to are curious to know more about the specifications of the KLIF i.e. the megapixel of the camera, availability of a reverse camera for selfies, the size of the internal memory, the speed of the processor and communication apps like Whatsapp, Viber and so on.

Mauritians in general look for high quality smartphones with smarter features of which some are not available on the KLIF. However, we have noticed that there have been many phones sold on the spot during these events and at different Orange shops around the country, which is great!

Mozilla Mauritius

According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by the Mauritius Commercial Bank, it has been found that the penetration and usage of smartphones in Mauritius is very high. Out of the 352 respondents who participated in the survey, 85% aged between 44-55 years have a smartphone; 45% of them used their smartphones even in the toilet! Figures from Statistics Mauritius show that in 2014 the number of activated sim cards have reached 1,652,000, whilst the population of Mauritius has reached 1,3 million. The main reasons which explain a great interest and migration towards smartphones are: WiFi, 3G/4G, camera and access to social networks.

According to the same study, most Mauritians use a smartphone only to make calls, send sms and access social networks. There are three major mobile phone service providers in Mauritius where most of the customers use prepaid services. Orange Fixed phone subscribers can acquire a smartphone through their account, thereby deducting the cost on a monthly basis. Most of the visitors of ‘Orange Lor Baz’ bought their KLIF on the spot through their fixed phone line account which is one of the easiest ways to buy a smartphone. It’s good to mention that the majority of Mauritians can afford to get a smartphone costing around USD 300.

The launch of Orange KLIF in Mauritius has created many happenings within the Mozilla Mauritius Community; from recruiting new to Mozillians to the emergence of new communities. One of my personal objectives was the growth of Mozilla Communities in the Indian Ocean region which comprises of island states like Mauritius, Rodrigues, Madagascar, Reunion, Mayotte, Comoros and Seychelles. I have raised this idea with William Quiviger during our recent MozAfrica meetup in Nairobi where other African communities, anglophone and francophone, were present. This particular meetup has triggered a synergy which has led to inter-Mozilla African Communities collaboration toward the main objective – to ‘Grow Mozilla’.

Mauritius - KLIF launch 2

My involvement and engagement in the launch of FirefoxOS and Orange KLIF in Africa, have enabled me to bring forward a new community – Mozilla Madagascar. My call for interest to join Mozilla which I also sent to a friend of mine, has been very fruitful for the KLIF launching programme in Madagascar – it previously had no Reps or Mozillians.
Mariot Tsitoria, already an FSA (Firefox Student Ambassador), is someone who I invited several years back and has now been able to make it, and thus has joined Orange Madagascar for the Orange KLIF launch in Madagascar.
I am now looking forward to getting more people involved from Mauritius and other countries in the Indian Ocean region. To date, I have already vouched for several new Mozillians in Mauritius and a few African countries too!


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Written by Firefox Admin