Orange Tour Botswana 1 v2With the enormous rate of trending smartphones all over the world, most are very expensive and the target market of the typical smartphone does not suit the community as a whole. Orange, in partnership with Mozilla, have collaborated to launch a very cheap and affordable smartphone called the Orange KLIF phone, which operates on a FirefoxOS.

With this partnership, and in order to promote and market this Orange KLIF phone, Orange Botswana was driven to show the worthiness and efficiency  of the Orange KLIF phone in different villages in Botswana. Why did the Orange KLIF tour target villages? Because most people in villages (and in even in cities) in Botswana believe that to own a smartphone it has to cost a fortune. It is exactly why Orange found it fit to target the villages in order to meet people’s needs and enhance people’s lives by being able to use the internet through the Orange KLIF Smartphone – one of Mozilla‘s core missions.

One of the most significant tours where Mozillian volunteers partook was in Gantsi village at the World Tele-communications and World Information Society Day (WITSD) where the Orange KLIF Phone was launched in the presence of the Vice President of Botswana Mokgweetsi Masisi. This is where a large number of Orange KLIF phones were sold. Furthermore, in some Orange KLIF tours, Orange has made it effective, appealing and eye catching to launch the Orange KLIF phone by incorporating a well known artist in Botswana called Odirile Sento aka “Vee”. “Vee” was present and performed at the Orange KLIF tours.

Features of the Orange KLIF
The Orange KLIF Phone was well received in Botswana over all, which is being sold at P399.00 and has interesting features which are as follows :
1GHz processor, 512 MB of storage and 256 of memory, MicroSD card slot to expand storage up to 32GB lastly the Orange KLIF has 2 megapixels.

Orange Tour Botswana 2

Orange staff training with the Orange Klif Phone

At this event, Mozillians presented a demo showing how the Orange KLIF phone works to the Orange staff. The Orange staff had about 200 attendants, which were from different department like the Sales team, IT team, Marketing team and, of course, Orange Botswana’s CEO.

Orange Tour Botswana 3 v2

On this occasion the Mozillian Firefox team expressed how much they appreciate the partnership between Orange and Mozilla and how the Orange KLIF phone will change a lot of lives in Botswana. Furthermore, Orange and the Mozillian FirefoxOS team in Botswana plan to engage university students to develop local apps that can be used on the FirefoxOS Orange KLIF phone.


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Written by Candy T. Khohliwe