WoMoz LogoThe WoMoz community of Ivory Coast: Who are we?

We are a community of women living in the Ivory Coast united for the same purpose: “Woman in ICT” to finally get on the train to the digital world! We are tradeswomen who use modern means for the marketing of our products! We are students, women entrepreneurs, ‘geekettes’ or not, fans of ‘free’ questions around Mozilla mission!



Statement of areas: associations – (Nongovernmental organization) of Women in TIC

Although the WoMoz project is still not widespread in Ivory Coast, it has existed since 2007 in Ivory Coast and has been training groups of women in the ICT Industry. It is also among the very ones who make things happen in Ivory Coast and even in Africa, we should remember that the (Non-governmental organization) Woman in ICT was created in 2007 by Christelle N’CHO ASSIROU and the other (Non-governmental organization)  “AMAZOON du WEB “ was created in 2012 in Abidjan and has a president, Me ELEONORE KOFFI.11270712_512586982223321_4252385146280464073_o

Women and TIC: a “bitten Open Source”

Marketing Engineer, Open Source lover since 2002, Mrs. Christelle N’CHO ASSIROU contributed within the African Association of Users of Linux and Free Software in order to promote free computing with the African youth. After several trips to different African capitals, it was on the following observation that gave rise to the creation of the NGO Women and ICT in 2007 in Abidjan. Very few women are interested in computer science and very few envisage a professional career in this sector.

Today, Women & ICT, is at the following stage:

  • In its 13 year of existenceFemmes & Tic
  • An African francophone network of 7 countries ( Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Mauritania, Togo, Tchad)
  • Women and men have now chosen to take better advantage of ICT and commit to share it with all of their generation..’’

“I hope this network will open new horizons for all women of the continent Africa and elsewhere! That each of us can positively impact their own space towards a responsible and united digital culture. ” Christelle N’CHO ASSIROU


Amazoon du web: The 7 weapons of war!

Amazoon Du WebThe ” amazoon du web” community is a community of “geekettes” (women Passionate in ICT and internet)  whose goal is to bring  females to become  more interested  in  ICT. Founded in February 2012 in Ivory Coast, its mission is to promote ICT to ladies.

President ELEONORE Koffi (since 2014), a young Ivorian woman of 28 years old is a technician in software engineering but  today identifies herself as a community manager. For ELEONORE, the essential part in the development of a nation are women.


‘There is not development without women because for us at Amazoon of The web, to train a woman is to train a nation.’

As training activities, Amazoon Web have developed seven concepts to digitally train women:

  • The zoon-Training
  • The zoon-session
  • The zoon-meeting
  • The zoon conference
  • The whocode (Woman Who CODE)
  • Design weekend
  • ZoOnDico

Purposeful, insightful and full of motivation, these women are always ready to help and pounce on projects that help females to move forward. Eleanore joined the project in 2014 alongside WOMOZ member Amichia Murielle and Amazoon recruit Kolo Daniel Kamara, who together are doing extraordinary work.

Welcome Amazoon the web!


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Written by Manuela Kouadio