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In October 2015, the Firefox Student Club at AAST held an event called “#mozilla_isn’t_just_a_firefox”. It was a fantastic event that attracted a lot of students and others to Mozilla. So, are you ready to know more about this event? Let’s go!

First of all, the club members made up of the logistics team and social media team, organised a plan for the event which was in AASTــAlexandria.
The Firefox Student Club at AAST prepared a welcome party for the new students to spread the word about recruiting newcomers to the club. They had a large amount of students who wanted to join as they received over 130 applications!
Here are some snapshots of the welcome party, which shows that it was a huge success…

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But what about the event itself? Well, there were various sessions that were fantastic and incredibly helpful for the attendees…

Firefox OS Africa Blog - Abdelrhaman Firefox Student Club at AAST

Session 1 – By Abdelrahman Samy

Session 1 was an introduction about Mozilla and the Mozilla programmes for students and graduates. During this session the attendees had the chance to learn more about the values of Mozilla, whereby they discovered that Mozilla is not just a browser!

Firefox OS Africa Blog - Mazen Hisham Firefox Student Club at AAST

Session 2 – By Mazen Hisham

Mazen then introduced the technology of virtual reality and its application in real life and particularly in the engineering field. He then spoke about MozVR and revealed how to get involved.

Firefox OS Africa Blog - Anas Baligh Firefox Student Club at AAST

Session 3 – By Anas Baligh

During this session, Anas talked about a range of Mozilla products, highlighting our most popular, “Firefox”. He then started an open discussion about these products, how to use them and why there are helpful.

Firefox OS Africa Blog - Mazen Hisham Firefox Student Club at AAST

Session 4 – By Mazen Hisham

Finally, Mazen showed off the Klif device which operates with Firefox OS. He then gave answers to the most frequently asked questions, regarding a new smartphone.  The lucky attendees even had the chance to try the device!

Finally, there were many memorable photos from the event. Here’s one of the snapshots!

Firefox OS Africa Blog - Firefox Student Club at AAST

By the end, our attendees were incredibly pleased and thankful for Mozilla, Mozilla’s Egyptian team and the FSC for participating in this event at AAST!

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Written by Mohammed EL-barbeer