You know that feeling when you reach into your pocket for your mobile and get that immediate jolt of sheer panic when it’s not there…? Your heart races. Your stomach lurches. Your brain goes into overdrive. What to do? You can’t even post your ‘missing mobile’ status or tweet about your loss. Horrible.

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You’ve just experienced nomophobia – ‘no-mobile phobia’ – the fear of being without, or losing, your mobile phone. And this modern malaise affects many of us because, well – our phone isn’t just a phone. It’s our digital security blanket and it goes everywhere with us. Practically our entire lives are in those seductive little devices, so it’s no wonder we go a little crazy when we’re apart from them. But some of us take this separation anxiety a little too far…

Regardless of being “Monophobi” your phone still belongs to you, and the fact that you own it is a sign of wanting to go digital. People know there is a device running Firefox OS and what makes them buy it, is the fact that it offers them a value proposition and can fulfill their basic needs to whoever it regards.

The Phone in my life 2“So many people are praising it, that it’s such a good phone, and that it’s the best of all, so I’m like if so many people are happy with it, then there must be some truth about it” UX Quartely ~ Hungary

Still can’t get a grip? Get an Orange Klif. Not only will you have something to hold on to at all times, but you’ll never run out of data – or battery. This device doesn’t just offer you what you need but also allows you to get connected to the world.

The Phone in my life 3

“The continued growth of Firefox OS holds great promise for enabling millions more people to access the mobile Web at an affordable cost, while helping to remove control points in today’s closed mobile ecosystems,” said Mozilla vice-president for planning and ecosystems Rick Fant in a statement. — (c) 2014 NewsCentral Media

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