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Like every Friday, we reveal what our Mozillians have been up to this week and the top pieces of news that has caught our eye. This week we have some great news from Cameroon and Egypt, plus the new talents in our continent. Take a look!

Dorothée MozRep of the month
Congratulations to our super MozRep Dorothée who has been designated as the MozRep of the month. A well-deserved recognition for an amazing job. We are very proud of her!dorothee-danedjo

NdereCamp 2015
Nderecamp, the 3rd Barcamp Cameroon is going to take place in Ngaoundéré on 12th of December. This time the camp will be around ‘local content for innovation’ and will give you the chance to see how to improve the region thanks to ICT. We are also proud to announce that one of our Mozillian’s, Gaetan Fouba Izane, is one of the volunteers working on the project!

Cairo ICT 2015
From 13th to 16th December, Cairo ICT Conference will take place at Cairo International Conference Centre. But what is Cairo ICT exactly? Well, it’s one of the biggest events in Egypt and the MENA region, which gathers some of the important stakeholders in telecom, Information Technology, electronics, mobile applications, integrated systems, satellite and broadcasting.
Interested? You can register here.
Fierfox OS Africa - Cairo ICT 2015 event

4 African start-ups to keep an eye on
This week we came across a great article highlighting some of the best start-ups of our continent. We can tell you that Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Morocco and Rwanda certainly have impressive and promising talents…  but you already knew that, right? Discover here.

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