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First of all happy New Year!! We hope you all had a great festive season.

We have some great news for you all in our first round-up of 2016, with some amazing work from our Mozillians in Egypt, the Mozilla Cameroon leader Dorothée travelling around Cameroon to recruit teams for Technovation Challenge 2016, and our new Firefox OS recipe.

Mozilla Egypt Launch New Academy Clubs
Part of Mozilla Egypt’s strategy for the new Academic year is to launch a greater number of clubs in more cities. Therefore they have been helping Academy clubs to launch a special event to reach new people and recruit them to join the club. This year our club will take part in a launch event aiming to recruit a lot of FSAs to the program and spread Mozilla’s mission.


Mozilla Cameroon News
Congratulations to our MozRep Dorothée Danedjo who has become a certified mentor by Mentoring Standard Initiative! She’s been keeping up with the good job and will travel, with WoMoz and FSA representatives and Technovation mentors and coaches, to Far North, North and Adamawa Regions of Cameroon, in order to recruit new teams for Technovation Challenge 2016. During this trip Mozilla Cameroon activities will also be presented and set up, especially for WoMoz, Kidzilla and Teach The Web Program.

Mozilla Egypt, Part of The ICT Conference
Mozilla Egypt have been invited to give 2 talks about the Firefox OS and Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) at the ICT in Our Lives 2015 conference. Mohamed Hafez and Abdelrahman Samy will be representing Mozilla during the conference, and will be making a booth there to introduce and spread Mozilla’s mission to all attendees. ICT Conference is an Annual international scientific conference of the Information Systems and Computers department, Faculty of Commerce in Alexandria University. It’s a three-day conference where the third day is directed towards a set of workshops for students.


Firefox OS on Panasonic TV
Great news for Firefox OS! Panasonic announced this week that Firefox OS will power the new Panasonic DX900 UHD TVs, the first LED LCD TVs in the world with Ultra HD Premium specification, unveiled today at CES 2016. Panasonic TVs powered by Firefox OS are already available globally, enabling you to find their favourite channels, apps, videos, websites and content quickly and pin content and apps to their TV’s home screen. You can find more info on Mozilla’s blog.


Firefox OS Africa’s new recipe
This week we have also presented our new recipe. In case you missed it, here it is!

Take the same OS you love, add a few more connected devices, mix in our community passion and you’ve got the new Mozilla Africa. Now, even more connected.

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