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We hope you had a top week! This week we have spotted several great events not to miss this year as well as some amazing digital projects from e-health to e-government. We feel that 2016 is going to be an amazing year for our continent and we hope that you’re all as excited, just as much as we are!

Social Media Week Lagos
If we had to pick the top event to go to in February, it would have to be the Social Media Week in Lagos, Nigeria.The theme of this 4th edition is “The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces of Technology”, and the attendees will be invited to discuss the future of media and women in tech as well as assessing the technology impact across our continent. With an agenda like this, we can expect a lot of interesting and inspiring talks. Don’t forget to book your tickets here.

MozillaAfrica_Social Media Week

Viber in Africa
Another highlight for Africa this week was the launch of ‘Public Chats’ in Africa and the Middle East.

 “The Middle East and Africa are important markets for Viber, and we are pleased to welcome local influencers and brands to our Public Chats platform.” Mark Hardy, CMO, Viber.

But what exactly are these ‘Public Chats’? Well, they’re the live discussions Viber users can follow, like and share with their community. You can now follow live conversations with celebrities, personalities, brands and organisations!
The news has been quite well received by artists such as the famous Senegalese Youssou NDour.

“The Viber Public Chats channel will enable my fans to follow in real time my music and artistic activities; it will also represent an opportunity for me to engage in discussions designed to forge a peaceful and open world.”


E-health in Africa
This week has also seen great improvement in e-health. Firstly, Gabon has launched a new project called eGabon which aims to transform the public health sector. Supported by the World Bank, one of the key parts of the project is to create an online health service.
Last week, we told you about Cardiopad, the first medical tablet developed in Cameroon, and it looks like it’s already off to a flying start as they’re now available in Yaoundé!

Congratulations Senegal!
We also want to congratulate Senegal today! Through their Ministry of Telecommunication, the country won the “Prix Gem-Tech pour la gouvernance” award by the International Telecommunication Union and UN-Women. This yearly award highlights the possibilities that ICT’s have to offer and all the initiatives that can empower women.

GIST Women’s village workshop in Abidjan
GIST_300x234The GIST Women’s Village Workshops, a programme of the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative will organise a 3-day workshop in Abidjan, from 24-26 February 2016 !
So if you’re a tech entrepreneur running sme’s, an inventor with new ideas to bring to the market or a professional working with a technology corporation, this workshop is for you!
The goal of this workshop is to enable participants to:

  • Adopt advanced strategies to develop an expanded entrepreneurship networking action plan
  • Launch their networking action plan to accelerate their entrepreneurship through new partnerships, mentoring, market development and investment from network members
  • Act as leaders and mentors within the Côte d’Ivoire entrepreneurship community
  • Apply new networking and entrepreneurship strategies to build ties and augment resources from outside of Côte d’Ivoire
  • Plan their own workshops to pass on knowledge gained.

Curious? Apply before 24th January by filling this document!

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