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This week had a running theme… do you know what it was? Well, it was data protection! You may know that the 28th January is the international day of data protection. This day was first launched by the Council of Europe and is now internationally celebrated, so we were obviously on it! Besides that, our Mozillians kept up the good work around the continent and even in Singapore where they met for the Moz Summit!

10th Data Protection Day
On Thursday 28th January the world celebrated data protection. For this occasion, various thinkers and authors wrote about the current situation but also shared their tips on how to protect your data. We invite you to read this article (in French) which also explains Mozilla’s values!

The Hidden Business of the Internet
Did you know that simply browsing the Web to read, shop or connect with friends can leave you exposed to a hidden network of data trackers?
Thanks to Private Browsing with Tracking Protection in Firefox you will have more control over your digital footprint. Your browsing stays private and those hidden trackers are unable to follow you around the Web.

Mozilla Mauritius at Leadership Summit Singapore
After Mozlando, our Mozillians from Mauritius (Ganesh and Pamela) attended the Leadership Summit in Singapore!
150 Mozillians were invited for this 2 day event with the opportunity to attend several workshops. The goal was to motivate, recruit and organize Mozillians (new and old) to have more impact on our mission! Once again this was a successful meet-up.

Dorothée Danedjo, Tech Journalist and MozRep in Cameroon
We all know it’s tricky to be a journalist these days, and even harder being a female tech journalist in Africa. However, our MozRep in Cameroon is doing her best to change that and is becoming one of the leading voices in the African tech scene.

“Professionally, my big vision is to create a multimedia teaching platform for journalists and communicators across the world, starting with Africa. Socially, I want to bring global opportunity to my country, continuing to inspire others in Cameroon – notably women and girls – to reach for the opportunities that exist in technology.”

Learn more about her career and project in this inspiring article.


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