Weekly round-up #35

Dear community,

We hope you’re doing well! This week’s focus has definitely been on the women with talent – from the launch of Afro Emoji to the top tips by female entrepreneurs, and of course the great work by our Mozillian Dorothée!

Tips for women in tech
This week we came across a cool article from Lioness of Africa who made a recap of the top 50 tips given by leading female entrepreneurs. They’re a great source of inspiration to keep at hand any time you feel discouraged, or up against some challenging obstacles. Discover them here.

“Remember the mistakes you make are all part of learning, so instead of overthinking things just do it, and on your way down you will figure it out.” Ethel Cofie.

Mozilla Tunisia Kisktart Event
Mozilla Tunisia is hosting their first event of the year, “Mozilla Tunisia KickStart”, this Saturday. In this event they will welcome the new members, introduce Mozilla and the new community’s strategy and goals. We invite you to follow their Twitter page and #MozTnKickstart, which is certainly set to become a trending hashtag in the country.


Afro Emoji
Fact – Emojis are now a central part of social conversion.
Fact – In Africa, the way to communicate is different from one country to another.
Something is missing in between. That’s what the creator of Afro Emoji thought. And do you know what? She’s right. There are several expressions or slang words that we can’t “write” in emoji. That’s why she decided to created them.

“Diversity is not about skin color. It’s about embracing the multiple cultures out there that have no digital representation,” – Alpesh Patel

Learn more about the new emoji and her project here.

Dorothée Danedjo around Cameroon
For the past few weeks our Mozillian, Dorothée, has been travelling across the country to meet interesting people in the hopes of recruiting young women who are interested in tech for the Technovation program. She keeps up the good work by spreading the Mozilla values of openness and diversity.
We won’t reveal all as you can read about it from the talent herself here, on her blog!

Dorothée Danedjo

Mozilla Jordan Event
This week we want to introduce Mozilla Jordan. With more than 300 FSAs, 11 active Reps, and 15 Firefox clubs! Mozilla Jordan is keeping the Firefox flame ALIVE!
If you want to know more about the community or join them yourself, contact them via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
Moreover, the community is also organizing a big event about Firefox OS and Connected Devices on February 13th! Stay tuned for more details.


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