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This week there have been several pieces of good news for Africa. Firstly we are happy to see that more and more governments are investing in ICT and ICT education for their citizens. We have also been inspired by an article highlighting some of the best African CEOs in the tech industry and are super excited by the agenda of the Education Innovation Summit.

#FEEF2016 event in Abidjan
A call to all the women in Ivory Coast looking for a new challenge. Don’t miss the 3rd Job and Entrepreneur Fair dedicated to women in Abidjan! This yearly event gathers thousands of motivated and active women from all over the country and is a good opportunity to share experiences, network and maybe find your dream job. Book your ticket here.


Mozilla Jordan Launch Event
On February the 13th Mozilla Jordan team hosted a special event in ZINC Amman, having Nisha Malhan from Mozilla as their guest of honour! The team spread the word about Firefox OS, the Connected Devices project, Mozilla Jordan’s community achievements and of course Women in Tech and their motivational speeches. More than 150 sign up forms were filled to join the community, as they announced about their new educational programs; Developers Professional and Kidzilla. The event was covered by NasWNas Magazine. You can find pictures here and on Flickr too.


Best African CEOs in tech
We told you earlier, we came across this article highlighting some of the best African CEOs in tech. We don’t want to tell you too much as we’d like to discover them by yourself. But we can tell you, that we got inspired by these talented individuals.

Education Innovation Summit
The Education Innovation Summit is around the corner and you can expect very interesting talks, roundtable discussion and case studies from key stakeholders in tech and education!
It’s obvious that education reform is essential.  Governments should work to ensure that all citizens receive the technological training and experience necessary to participate in the global economy.
If it’s a topic that interests you, we encourage you to book your tickets for the Summit that will take place on March 17th in Johannesburg.

Credit African Innovator

Credit African Innovator

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