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We hope you’ve had a good week just like us! Before we dive into the weekend, let’s look back at what caught our eye this week.

Mozilla Tunisia – Brainstorming meet-up
The Mozilla Tunisia community have already started the serious work only after two weeks of welcoming new members; the whole team had a brainstorming session, evewabi-sabint on Sunday 21st February where they discussed what’s next for the community. As a result, the Mozillians came up with a complete roadmap for this year: from advocacy events and technical projects to educational tours for universities and schools. The adventure starts this Sunday on the 28th, with the first “SUMO localization sprint” at the Jasmine Hall Coworking Space.
MozillaTunisia_Brainstorming event

MusikBi – the first African download music platform

LOGOMusikBiBlanc50One of the best pieces of news this week was the launch of MusikBi, the first 100% African download music service! Created in Senegal, this platform allows you to legally download music via SMS. There are already 500 songs by 80 artists available on MusikBi.
The mission of this platform is to promote African artists, pay them properly and fight internet piracy – and we love it!

“It is the first platform of its kind enabling music downloads by text or PayPal,” said a statement released by Diop’s company, Solid.

Learn more about this great project that will undoubtedly change the African music sector, here!

Meet encryption – video
We’re guessing you’ve seen the big news this week about Apple and the FBI? Well everyone’s talking about encryption. Mozilla want more people to participate in this debate and take a stand. Therefore, we have created a video about online security and privacy, which explains all you need to know about encryption!

Don’t hesitate to spread the word!


5 start-ups succeeding in Tunisia
We all know this – an entrepreneur’s life is not easy. You might have the greatest idea, but launching it and making profit is another story. This week we came across a very interesting article where 5 Tunisian start-ups revealed the challenges they faced and how to overcome them. Have a read here.

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