Weekly Round-up #39

Dear Community,

It’s round-up time again! Today we are talking about the African startups impacting and changing the whole world. Africa is the cradle of creative minds and entrepreneurs and we are proud of it! We can’t help but have a huge smile on our face when thinking and talking about the great initiatives made in Africa.

African Start-ups changing the world
A few days ago, start-ups from all over the world attended the SeedStar World. We had the chance to discover several cool projects in Africa – from tackling unemployment to lack of electricity, African start-ups are essential to our continent and we are proud of them!
AppsAfrica who supported the summit highlighted 16 start-ups that are literally changing the world. Who are they, you ask? Discover them here.

Firefox OS will power the new DX-series UHD TVs
The biggest news of last week was the reveal of Panasonic TV with Firefox OS!
Thanks to Firefox OS, the TV provides three standard choices for “quick access” to Live TV, apps and personal connected devices. Firefox OS can also be personalised by pinning favourite apps or content to the TV home screen. A new Firefox OS update is planned for later this year and will provide new ways to discover Web apps and how you can save them to your TV. Firefox OS will feature Web Apps with curated TV optimized Web content (games, news, VOD, weather and more) and offer users an easy “click to watch” content discovery experience with no installation necessary. Find more info here.


Women in Tech Africa event in Nairobi
Our favourite Women in Tech are back in Kenya and they are ready to celebrate the International Women’s Day with you! This time the event will take place at WE CREATE Centre in Nairobi and will be promoting and discussing the ways women can leverage technology to start and grow their own business.
Don’t forget to book your tickets here.

CodeX in South Africa
Do you know codeX? CodeX in South Africa was the Social Impact Award winner at the AppsAfrica Innovation Awards who run programming courses to make sure the shortage in developers and coders in Africa will be just a vague souvenir in the next few years.
Another coding academy you may say? Well not really because CodeX is revolutionizing the approach by making it fun and in perpetual evolution. It’s a kind of “development shop”, to quote Elizabeth Gould in Disrupt Africa.
Want to know more? Watch this great testimonial

Mozilla Tunisia are continuing to move forward!
Last week they organized the SUMO Localization sprint with 9 members attending the event (most of them are not localizers). The results? They finished the localization with 41 articles and 100% of english templates (From English to Arabic.) The event was a chance for 3 new members to join the community. Congratulations to Mack and the team!



Fancy meeting those guys?

Join them for a Git workshop session in collaboration with the FabLab Solidaire Tunisia, this Sunday at 10 a.m (GMT +1) in the FabLab. You will have the chance to follow basic training for the community members and the FabLab members but the event is still public for everyone to join after registration.

Have a lovely weekend all!

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Written by Firefox Admin