Weekly round-up #40

Hello Community!

Here’s a special round-up dedicated to women!

But before we dive into that, let us update you on our Mozillians in Tunisia who organized a “Git Party” last Sunday at the Fab Lab Solidaire with new community members and others from clubs and associations. It was 3 hours of basic training where attendees discovered Git, how to start a collaborative project, how to contribute to projects in Github and other things they can partake in Github. Mozilla Tunisia is focusing on Git and Github where they are able to share our projects but can also use it to manage the activities of the community, so the last event was an extreme help for future activities!


Women in tech Africa – Cameroon
On Thursday 11.03. two of our Mozillans, Dorothée Danedjo and Sophie Ngessa took part in a live Q&A on how to succeed and create impact as women in tech, in Cameroon. It was a very interesting session that you can read about on Twitter.

Women Entrepreneurs in Africa
We also came across a very thought provoking article about women entrepreneurs in Africa and the lessons the world can learn from them! Did you know that the rate of women entrepreneurs was higher in Africa than the rest of the world?! For instance, there are 41% of female entrepreneurs in Nigeria compared to 10% in the US! We’ll leave it to you to discover more surprising facts about our continent here.

Women Entrepreneurs in Cameroon
So who are the women making a real change in Cameroon? To celebrate Women International Day, Starter Magazine gave a list of some of the most inspirational women in the country. Discover them here.

Candy from Mozilla Botswana
We would like close this special round-up with the video of our Mozillan Candy from Botswana. Here she talks about her experience at Mozilla, what she loves and why you should join the community!

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