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In this post, we are continuing what we started on the definition of Firefox OS shown in this previous post “What is Firefox OS?”. But we’re adding another dimension for developers to immerse into the Firefox OS world – so let’s go!

What is Firefox OS - Part 2.1A question that’s often risen is “why Mozilla used HTML5 to build apps for Firefox OS?” and if you’re wondering why, then look no further. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Simple techniques used by a lot of developers.
  • It’s open, independent and standardized.
  • Number of developers around the world.
  • Reliance on volunteer programs by the shareholders in the development of their products.
  • Less expensive.

Another popular question is “what makes you develop Apps for Firefox OS?”. Well, there are great benefits when developing Apps for Firefox OS, such as…

  • Simplicity: You can develop on a single technology stack (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript) and deliver across all platforms, from smartphones to tablets to desktops.

What is Firefox OS - Part 2.2
All you need is the Firefox browser for Desktop to run your apps in any Desktop operating system.

What is Firefox OS - Part 2.3

But you can also run it on smartphones or tablets that have Firefox OS or Android OS, but it will run also on Android – just install Firefox browser for Android and go to

What is Firefox OS - Part 2.4

  • Standards: The technology stack is defined by standard bodies (W3C and Ecma) that operate in the open, rather than by particular technologies or platform vendors.

What is Firefox OS - Part 2.5

  • Freedom: You’re not locked into a vendor-controlled ecosystem. You can distribute your app through the Firefox Marketplace, your own website, or any other store based on Mozilla’s open app store technology.
  • Reach: You have the potential to reach Firefox’s 450 million desktop users, as well as users of other desktop browsers and mobile.

Finally, we hope the article has got you thinking about Firefox OS! Stay tuned for our coming articles!


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Written by Mohammed EL-barbeer