A closer look at Mozilla’s new OS

Firefox OS 2.5_1

A few days ago, the new version for Firefox OS was unveiled. The dev. team worked day and night this year to bring us this new version. Let’s take a closer look at it and see what does the fox say!

Firefox OS 2.5

Firefox Add-Ons
We have been waiting for this one for a very long time! Add-ons give users the ability to customize their phones and tweak and way they work. Add-ons are a well-known concept in the world of web browsers, and this concept has been added to Firefox OS too. A single Firefox OS add-on can extend just one app, several, or all of them, including the system app itself. It’s a big plus for Firefox OS users who can get a more customized phones and for developers also who now have a big market to tackle.

Firefox OS Add ons

Pin the Web
You saw a great website? Just pin it on your homescreen to make it an app! More than a bookmark, it will act like an app and you have access to it right away! This doesn’t mark a technical breakthrough, but users will benefit from this new feature.
You can pin websites, individual pages, or contacts too. They show up on the screen if you swipe right on the homescreen.
Firefox OS 2.5_2Privacy
If you are aware of the Mozilla Manifesto, you will notice that privacy is a very big deal for Mozilla. That’s why Firefox OS has a very enhanced privacy settings and track protections. Some websites track users to serve ads and for other reasons known to those sites. With tracking protection users using private tabs have nothing to worry about.
Tracking protection may also improve your phone’s performance and you will end up using less data!

Firefox OS Participation Hub
The Mozilla Participation team, along with a number of stakeholders throughout Mozilla, have been working hard on a program to ignite Firefox OS as a from-the-ground-up project to continue momentum building a first-class mobile platform.
A new program called Firefox OS Participation Hub is launched to support Firefox OS Participation, and we want to give you a sneak peek of what’s coming. As a way to unify all participation opportunities we will be launching the Firefox OS Participation Hub as a central site where you can discover how to get involved with Firefox OS and install the latest version on your device. The central contribution areas that the hub will be showcasing are Foxfooding, ports to Android and other devices, b2gDroid, Gaia development, and Firefox OS add-ons. The goal is not to displace other sources of information, but to make it more accessible from a central location.
If you have a compatible device (they will be listed on the Hub), we want you to be able to experience, test and hack the latest version of Firefox OS (2.5) along with all the new features that are coming. Just by becoming a Foxfooder, you are helping shape the future of Firefox OS, and deeper opportunities will surface – from filing bugs, to joining discussions, to developing for the platform and on top of it. Community participation is key in this new phase.FirefoxOS 2.5 foxfooding

Author: Mariot Tsitoara

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