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“To be able to choose between proprietary software packages is to be able to choose your master. Freedom means not having a master. And in the area of computing, freedom means not using proprietary software.” — Richard M. Stallman

Some may wonder why companies, governments or anyone need to adopt Open Source software or encourage the adoption. Open Source Softwares provides the possibility for young players to get involved to participate and proliferate. At the same time, intellectual property rights allow a larger conglomerate that grows on the owners of codes and cipher. This illustrates an important and simple difference between intellectual property and competitiveness. Encouraging the protection of intellectual property for the Socialists and maintaining monopoly entities and knowledge-based industries, allows flexibility with intellectual property systems and the proliferation of smaller companies.

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) holds numerous other compelling advantages for businesses, some of them even more valuable than the software’s low price; for example security, quality, customization, freedom, flexibility, interoperability – plus you can try it before you buy. In addition, if you’re not a programmer or you just fancy a break from coding, you can contribute to Open Source Software, because an open source project not only allows you to download and use it, but you can view its source code too. This means that you can fix bugs, add new features, and generally make changes to the project. Being able to view the source code, also gives you a greater understanding of how the software works. You can find the guide to contribute to, in more than 5 million open source projects here.

“Free and open source software promotes the development of the Internet as a public resource.”  One of the principles of The Mozilla Manifesto

Mozilla wants the Web to be even better and we want it to continue to drive creativity, education and economic growth. But also, we want to empower people to help shape the Web as they move more of their lives online. In addition, we know that open source and free software remains a key part of the Internet and the online life we seek to build. This is why we develop Open Source Software and drive standards in the pursuit of our mission to keep the Web open too. You can contribute to any Mozilla project, from here.

“Mozilla commits $1M to support free open-source software projects”

Recently Mozilla announced that it has allocated $1 million to dole out grants to support free and open-source software projects around the world. We launched Open Source Support Program that is designed to recognize and celebrate communities who are leading the way with open source projects that contribute to our work and the health of the Web. It encompasses both: a) a “give back” element for open source and free software projects that Mozilla relies on; and b) a ‘give forward’ component for supporting other projects where financial resources from Mozilla can make our entire community more successful. Find out more about Mozilla’s new grant program here.

Mozilla are always here to support this effort, and to support you in making it take off.

“Mozilla is a part of the open source and free software movement. We were born out of this movement.” — Mitchell Baker, Mozilla

Author: Mohamed Hafez.

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