Hi Firefox OS community!

We’ve been quite busy these days and we love it!
We are happy to see many events and KLIF launches taking place across the continent and we of course have a lot to share with you!

Here’s a little recap of the best stories we’ve spotted over the past few days.

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My Phone Speaks my Language.

Did you know that Firefox OS KLIF is also available in local languages such as Wolof and Poular?
The system is still quite young, but there is a will to connect local people together.  It is crucial for Mozilla to develop content, devices that everyone can understand; no matter where they are from or what language they speak.

‘Mozilla s’efforce de veiller à ce que le prochain milliard de personnes à venir en ligne pour la première fois à travers leurs smartphones découvre un Web ouvert, participatif et qui favorise la créativité.’ Mozilla Foundation



Mozilla Advocacy – 2015 Plan

Over the next weeks, the Mozilla Advocacy team will lay out our latest thinking about how we’re developing public policy and creating advocacy initiatives. Our increased emphasis on advocacy is born out of the recognition that, like code, public policy has an impact on the shape and health of the open web — and that a vital force protecting the web will be the millions of people who consider themselves to be citizens of the web. We need the Mozilla community to play an active role – discover how here.

The Future of Women in Tech

Women in tech in Africa are still under-represented, but we are glad to see that it is changing. We have read this interesting article highlighting the fact that today African women are using technology to express themselves and learn about the world around them. However, the challenge is to encourage them to view themselves as producers and creators as well. Technology is a key industry for Africa and it is crucial to provide girls the right tools, to empower them so they will be represented in the tech sector.

Template for Firefox OS App

Good news for our app developers – Yahoo Engineering released Webbing, a template for creating Firefox OS apps from existing web applications. Webbing aims to make the transition from a mobile web to FirefoxOS as easy as possible ! Learn more about this project here.

Launch in Botswana

Congratulations to our Mozillians for the successful KLIF launch in Botswana !


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Written by Zoe Parkinson