Firefox OS Round-Up #6

Hello Firefox OS Community !

Weeks go by but nothing is ever the same at Firefox Africa ! Once again, we have a lot to share with you: from Mozilla news to KLIF launch and a Women in Tech event.

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Mozilla, Google, Apple and Microsoft together for faster browsers
Engineers at Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla are partnering to create WebAssembly, a bytecode for the browsers of the future. Nowadays, browsers are using JavaScript to interpret code and enable us to navigate on the web. This new developers coalition working on WebAssembly aims to create the fastest bytcode and have it available on all browsers.



#AfricaTech 50 – Nominations are open !



Africa is home of talented people and has produced various quality technology companies over the last 10 years. #AfricaTech50 aims to showcase these companies to the rest of the world. You can already nominate your favourite startup : tweet their name using the hashtag #AfricaTech50. The final list will be published during the upcoming Africa Technology Week, taking place on 21st to 25th of September.

“Our goal is to showcase the ingenuity of African entrepreneurs to the world and AfricaTech50 is a crucial pillar of that initiatives,” Sean Obedih.


Jovago on the Marketplace !
We are proud to announce that Jovago is now available on the Marketplace. Jovago is the first online hotel reservation website in Africa and Pakistan, offering more than 200,000 hotels around the world. What we love ? You can either pay online or upon arrival !

Women in Tech – Event in Ghana
Our ‘women in tech’ are more active than ever ! Don’t miss the next event in Ghana around women leadership and business growth, on July 9th. More info and your chance to reserve a place, here.

KLIF Launch in Kenya
Congratulations to our Mozillians for a hugely successful launch in Kenya ! Once again you did a great job!

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Written by Tina Meziant