This week our Mozillian Brou Aka Yannick wrote about Ange Manuela Kouadio, one of the founders of the WoMoz group in Ivory Coast. He gave us the chance to relive the recruitment campaign she led across the country to raise awareness towards Mozilla and spread their values ​​among women.

Her name is Ange Manuela Kouadio, she is a Mozilla Rep and is responsible and one of the founders of Mozilla WoMoz project in Ivory Coast. Since the beginning of June, Manuela has led a recruitment campaign called FSA Womoz Recruitment – #FWRcampaign on social networks. She has organized many events in several schools of Abidjan to spread Mozilla mission, to recruit new contributors (including men!) from different sectors (IT, communication, management, secretariat …).
The events targeted women in particular and indeed, Manuela wants and get girls to take part in the Mozilla WoMoz project and to fill the gap of women in the Ivorian community.

‘I am a Mozilla Reps and responsible for the WoMoz project. My goal is to mentor girls and promote female leadership. I want to help women of all sectors, shop, hairdresser, pastry … to teach them how to use and make the most of the web ‘-. Manuela Kouadio.

These meetings revolved around Mozilla and its community, its products like Firefox web browser, the mobile operating system Firefox OS, contributions from fields such as SUMO, Webmaker, MDN but especially around the WOMOZ programs and Firefox Student Ambassadors programs which is directed to students or any related to an education insitution.

18346598602_0d61bd9245_kThe campaign started in the Graduate School of Management (GSM). Manuela had the chance to meet girls at the GSM located in Cocody Deux-plateaux, from which most of the WOMOZ Ivory Coast community members came from.

Then, Manuela stopped at the school Ecole Supérieure des Affaires et Management (ESAM). The participants were mostly girls from the business management area that had never heard of Mozilla. For them, Mozilla was just the Firefox web browser. Therefore, she could introduce Mozilla, its projects and its values ​​and show them that it was more than just a web browser. Her next step was ESTAN where she could discuss with students – mostly girls in senior year.

Manuela ended her campaign at ESMA, a well-known school of communication and journalism, located in the town Marcory. It was a very enriching meeting during which she was able to discuss with a large number of participants both girls and boys.

This campaign helped Manuela to meet a large number of motivated and interested people to participate in the Mozilla project. She also had the chance to be supported by great people of the Mozilla community and Amazoon du Web such as Eleanor Koffi Hurray, and Brice Toukpo.
The campaign may be over, but Manuela does not rest either. She is working on other projects and Mozilla event.
Prepare yourself to see the Ivorian community WoMoz moving!

If you want to join this great community, contact Manuela, she will gladly tell you more!!

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Written by Aka Brou Yannick
Besides being a student passionate about tech and web/mobile development, Aka is also a developer in his spare time. Aka has been a member of Mozilla Ivory Coast for 2 years now. He is also taking part in the Firefox Student Ambassador program where he is a Regional Ambassador Lead for Africa and the Middle East.